Work It, Girl!

While I am starting a big new adventure, I asked a fellow writer (ignore the fan girl squeals) that I love to read for a blog post. She was so sweet to do so! And she had a new book coming out as well as a new paranormal series about to bust the scene. So, without further ado – Here’s Maggie Adams!


While it’s true that some indie authors do make quite a decent living from writing, let’s face it – the majority of us need a full time job to pay the rent. So, we write in our spare time; oh wait! We have spare time??? Well, it may not be “spare” but I try to carve out a nice of time every day to do what I love – write!    


But for my “real” job, I own a daycare in my home. See, I live across the street from a grade school, so it seemed a pretty good way to make an income and still stay/be home for my kids. Oh, and did I mention I thought I would have enough time to write? Yes!

Now here’s the problem – I thought I’d have time. But between my own kids and the daycare, it was the hard to carve out the time, until summer. Teachers around here still get the summer’s off, so I’m basically free to write my heart out! And that’s what I did.

Here’s what I came up with this year:

  • On April 24th, I will be releasing my women’s erotica bundle, entitled Lustful Legacy. It’s a sensual type of erotica, chronicling the adventures of a woman known only as The Widow. It’s definitely 18+, but it has a ‘happy ending’! lol
  • I was also honored to be chosen to write a short story for the Dress Blues: Memorial Day Anthology, which will be out around Memorial Day, of course. But the wonderful part is that the proceeds will be going to our wounded warriors.
  • I’m also doing another project near and dear to my heart. Tempting Fate is an anthology with stories about overcoming seemingly impossible odds to become stronger and take control of your life. The proceeds from this will benefit the Cancer Research Institute.
  • And I’m very happy to announce my first paranormal romance series will be released June 1st! The Legends Series is based on Native American folklore with a shifter kick! The first book, Legends: Catori, is the beginning glimpse into the world that lives with us, and yet, we never know their secrets.

You can find all of these wonderful books on my website as well as many others. Oh, and if you’d like to find out more about me, please check out my other social media sites, or, better yet, sign up for my newsletter! I’ll send you a free book, plus you get special access to subscriber only giveaways and sneak peeks at what’s coming up.

Maggie Adams is an Amazon Best Selling romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin’ Dixie, debuted in Amazon’s Top 100 for Women’s Fiction, humor, on November 2014. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon best seller 5-star list with her Tempered Steel Series. Her series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into international recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK. She is the recipient of the Dayreader Reviews Best of 2015 for Leather and Lace, the Readers Favorite Award for Something’s Gotta Give in 2016, the Indie Romance Convention Romantic Comedy Award 2017 for Forged in Fire and the 2017 New Apple Awards nomination – Suspense for Cold as Ice.
She also writes erotica, paranormal romance, young adult romance and women’s fiction. Maggie’s books can be found on eBook and paperback on her website and all book sites. – website – book page -reader group page author page – goodreads – twitter Pinterest – Instagram – LinkedIn


Spring? Really?

This morning I spied some frost on the rooftops and checked the ground next. Yes, there was markings of frost and the dogs sure didn’t want to go out this morning.

We are in remodel mode on several fronts.  I am still researching that darn story. I have to call and make some appointments for some interviews this week and get some more details down.

Have you ever been on the edge of a life change? If so, do you remember the chaos that preceded, at the same time, and immediately afterward?  I am in that chaos somewhere.

This post is short and sweet due to that chaos thing that is perpetually tossing up changes in my day. Maybe next week it will be a bit more controllable?

We started painting the living room. Done. Now in the midst of painting the kitchen. I ditched on the hubs to come make a blog post so I can’t stay long.

Have a better week then me!


See Ya

Next week will be a big week for me.

Things are changing.

We have a chaotic week ahead of us, me and my wheel hub of my world.  So expect my next post to be very late next week— weekend at the longest.  A lot depends on how smoothly all the stuff that is in line for doing is done.  We lost two days this week from the creeping crud. I still am not eating normally, yet.

Did you know?

That in Williamsburg Virginia there is a focus on UnKnown Women of the forming of our country. Interesting huh? This month of Women’s History it seems appropriate, even if it is late (not sure how long that link will work).

So, here I sit, trying to write the last daily blog post for March, finish up some end of the month work that should have been done when I was sick,  and set up information about a free ebook down for the children’s pen name during the Easter weekend. (leaving that here incase you have children or grandchildren)

Don’t confuse the two. The initial is a signal it is a grown up subject matter (stealing dead bodies isn’t really for little kids). I have even made my profile logos different enough you should be able to notice it quickly, and my photos have a puppy or not, another signal (Snowball is about a puppy) that you are looking at something that is general audience, kid friendly, children’s author.


What I have for sale isn’t yet grown up material. All you have seen and read is the Sinister Rough (if you have) on here which is really rough and full of errors. That is really what a rough draft is, full of errors and what ifs. That is a rough draft. A draft, not meant to be seen by anyone else but the writer. I exposed myself here. I let you look over my shoulder at what the process looks like.

Why? If you haven’t been following all along, so that anyone who has thought about writing a book, or story for any reason will have some of the stigma of doing so removed. Your first original rough draft isn’t supposed to be perfect. It is what it is, rough. Gnarly, bad even, but the purpose is to get the idea, the concepts, the characters, events, all of it that is in your brain down in as much detail as you can, even if it comes out of order. All pretty words and organization is what comes in when you start cleaning up that first rough draft. That would be a second or even a third – because you don’t have to do it all in edit, or rewrite.

You can choose as you edit what focus is your edit on? (I leave spelling and grammar to last.) Sure if I notice something I change or correct it, but my second is about content, characters and  looking for holes in the story itself. (Go check out my second draft page, there are still errors in it.) Then I do another read through edit after filling holes. Here I start getting very into the story’s flow. Where does it flow, where is it awkward, can I fix it? Then I do another rewrite. Now the next edits are for grammar and spelling and I start calling on others to help me find them because by now I won’t see them for anything. My brain, like everyone’s, when you become too familiar, the changes happing in my head and not in the manuscript. People used to doing this are a great help, at any stage, but know first before you go looking what kind of an edit you are looking to have done, whether it is the story, the mechanics or formatting set up. There are some specialize in all or just one. Research and ask for references, there are any number of ways you can find the best editor for you. Do your research first. (I hesitate to give a lot of advice because by the time you read this, some of that information may be out of date, and there maybe new websites and defunct ones between the time I post this and the future day it is taken down.)  Or educate yourself and practice (which is good even if you hire out) editing yourself.

I am between the second draft and third. Filling in holes and writing, editing and rewriting scenes that will be added to fill those holes. So I expect to be reading and editing the complete story by July at the latest (I hope). Then those polishing edits, with additional eyes for grammar, spelling.

See ya soon,




This is a tough day to write.

There is no inspiration.

There is no energy.

This is the recovery day after being sick.

You know how this day goes.

Tired of sleeping. Aches and pains still hanging around. Fed up with laying on the couch and bed. Neither are comfortable, but you don’t have the strength to sit up for any period of time whatsoever.

You are ready for solid food, but fear eating anything because, well, you know . . .

That right there is the mood this post starts from.

One more day left in my daily postings for March. What can you expect in the future? I don’t know.

Will be posting some short stories this summer. Free samples of my storytelling you could say.

While the warmer weather might possibly be approaching finally, I have to kick my focus into gear. While this is fun and allows me to just drop whatever is on my mind into the digital world, it does nothing at finishing the story that I want to publish this year.

This YEAR. October. I am doing that procrastinating thing and setting myself up for a scramble at the last minute. I still have some research to do for some possible tweaks to the tale. And I may be finishing it up down to the wire.

While I am behind on the story completion part, it is past time to start working on a cover image. I have been doing some free word thinking. Because my working title had far more to do with our own inner sinister reactions to expectations those we have for ourselves and for others as well as how expectations held by others to us and failing all of those leaves us in a very negative place.

How the heck do I portray that in an image?

So these are the thoughts on my mind while recovering from the ick from yesterday. Full of questions and no clear answer. Maybe another nap will clear the cobwebs out of my mind.


Fight for the Throne

Wake up thinking there is something amiss. Something isn’t quite right. Brain a little foggy so it  doesn’t quite make sense, you just know something is off.

Then it hits you. You need to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible. Only now you realize you are tangled in a sheet and blankets. Yes, damn it, two. A lighter one between the sheet and the ginormous comforter, but the lighter one is wrapped around one of your shins and the sheet around the other and you are struggling to throw off the ginormous comforter to get to the two shackles that are restraining you from putting feet to floor.

Then the whollop of the comforter hits you back in the face as your partner in sleep exits as quickly as you so intended and dashes to the bathroom with the speed you wished was you. The door slams shut but you can still hear through the closed door the sounds of The Ick.

With a sad sigh you slow your maneuvering down to try to prolong your will power to hold within that which is striving to exit your body in a most unladylike fashion. Just as you remove your restraints and are freed from the sheets, the door to the bathroom across the hall from the bedroom door in front of you opens.

Not a second too soon you dash to the now empty throne, shoving your spouse quickly out of the way not caring if you sent your beloved tumbling backwards into the tub/shower. And so the jockeying for the porcelain reign begins.

Well, it wasn’t exactly like that. We were blessed with good timing for a couple of days, you could say we ruled in time with one another, thankfully. Though there were a few close calls.  

Whats In Your Future?

Mine is  .  .  . under-construction. Sure, we all have aspects of our futures we are working towards, but we all have some amount of unforeseeable future that we can’t fully plan ahead for. This year has been full of some of that for me, and there has been some last minute events that popped up on my horizon the last half of 2017.

In May I hope to have some guest bloggers lending me some posts that you might not be familiar with. I have a really full schedule for the whole month, and I wanted to make sure that you had something new and interesting to distract you from my absence.

Then in June, I hope to be back up to speed —tell you all about how the publishing process is coming on Sinister,  plus some other things that are currently in the trial and error process that you might find interesting.

One comment I am going to make here, I have tried to learn from other bloggers. Some are more approachable than others. I try to give those that aren’t some slack (they have stressors that I know nothing about), but if you ever catch me being a “big-ike,” call me on it.(If you are thinking about blogging and have questions, feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer, but know someone who does or where you might find it, I will point you in that direction. )

Not quite ready to reveal a lot of what is going on behind the scene, mainly because I know how quickly things can change and in the midst of change, there are usually some tiny fires that have to be put out before they become out of control. You have had those moments, I bet.

Already this year I have made three trips. Yes, three, and two of them were in February. Talk about a year of adventure! I didn’t realize when I decided to look upon 2018 as an adventure that it would be a literal perspective!

I wanted to get some photos and posts about the trips up this month, but between them and what was already on my plate, that intent seemed to stay at the bottom of the list. Sound familiar?

While I am showing off some friends, getting those posts pulled together will be a little higher in the priority stack. Hope that makes up for what appears to be a flakey existence.




Got a few questions for you. This is not a well thought out poll, but rather a spur of the moment curiosity. So, if you don’t mind, would you please answer some of these? And if you have a thought, suggestion or comment, please leave it below?

That is it for now, maybe more will come in order to make some decisions regarding the blogs. Sure do appreciate your help with some feedback to help me think this through and make good decisions for us both.

Have a great Tuesday!



*I am running out of fresh, interesting posts to write. So because made a commitment to making a post a day, this post is running garbled gunk that came out of my brain down my behind my ears, bumped its way from just below my earlobes, around my neck like a twirling golfball in the cup, splitting in half and slipping down either of my shoulders, stopping at my rotator cup like a ski jumper, to knock into my funny bone before sliding to my wrists and bump out my finger tips onto the keys. 


The “Spring,” and I use that term loosely, is really starting to annoy me. My feet are freezing. The heavy blankets on the bed are annoying because between kicking them off and waking in the middle of the night to get up and find them at the foot on the floor when I wake cold.

Then there is a few research projects bugging me because they are still ongoing and by my expectations they should have been completed by now. Toss in a few newly inspired projects that I want to start on yesterday, but being the responsible business person that I am (hey, no snickering!), won’t see time for my attention until next month or later.

And, AND, I just tried to pad this post with frivolous description that served no real purpose.

Briefly discussed with my husband the storyline on a soap-opera, relaying the last year of storyline developments that he may or may not remember since his last vacation. I wish I could say that this interruption of my day for a soap was a reward for keeping on track for the day, but it isn’t.

It is a reminder of childhood and time with my mom and grandmother. Their soaps, a little snack to keep me quiet, and their indulgence. Good memories! As I grew up they were nap time for my kids, and sometimes myself as well. (Still sometimes I fall asleep during it now.)

For those persnickety readers, this post has been about absolutely nothing. No point, no beginning, middle or end. No point to be made, no discovery.  Mostly complaint, whining and a little feelies over my childhood; a filler post.

Thanks for reading!


The End Is Near

Six more days of daily blogging left for the month. It has been . . . busy. Has it helped me get back into the habit of writing on a daily basis? Honest answer? I don’t know.

I won’t know until April is over and I can assess whether or not I am writing as much as I did in March. Thirty one days, when it is over and a minimum of three hundred words a day. Not all of those words were on the same subject, a story. But, that wasn’t the point.

Carving out the time to sit still and write was. In the middle of life that is busy and ever changing. Making something like a three hundred words on the screen before I could call it and get all the other responsibilities handled in my day was an old habit that needed to be resurrected.

That wasn’t the only habit I was breathing life back into, the other was reading. My habit of morning reading topics covering business motivation, research, information, being a writer, studying writing, publishing business, and self publishing business. A way to focus my day and self motivated at the top of the morning.

Another reading habit that goes back as far elementary, one that began over one summer was reading before going to sleep. By sixth grade I was up to reading an entire Nancy Drew (the hardback with the yellow spine) in one day. Start a new one every morning with breakfast and then as much as possible laying on the linoleum floor underneath the window air conditioner when the day got to hot playing outside. Then after supper and bath, zoned out between the pages with the tv white noise of my parents choosing. Finishing the story behind my closed bedroom door so my mother wouldn’t see the light from my room up past bedtime. A few stories were finished with a flashlight under the covers. (Mom or Dad one had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and realized I was still awake (DRATZ!). Evening reading is for fun.

The next seven months will be the best judge of whether or not this habit building project was successful. Will Sinister be self pub’d in October? Let’s freaking hope so!

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