Work Begins

Who knew?  Who knew two years ago I would end up here?

Me! (Well, I hoped I would end up here.)

Rewriting my first to be self published adult fiction.  That is where here is.  It was a Halloween post on my first real grown up blog.  That blog has evolved over the two years to become the ‘branding’ for my stories for my grandchildren and at least one teen/young adult fiction story.

But what about the other stuff.  The meat and bones of what I want to write.  The stuff that years ago I put up on deviant art.  Every checked any of it out?  bluejools, go on, if you are brave enough to check it out.

Slightly rebellious by nature, occasionally sarcastic and poorly timed blunt honesty are characteristics of my personality.  That voice I think comes through.  But I it didn’t make me brave.

Making a promise to my granddaughter made me brave.  That was contract and promise I would keep.  So, I pushed through the fear, the doubt, to write, finish, rewrite over and over and polish my first ever book for her.  I got that ‘brand’ worked out.

Having been a parent and now a grandparent, I understand the necessity of proper, clean and honest branding so that parents can tell the difference between and adult novel and a story for a child.  That became quite clear early in the process.

As I picked up that first Halloween post and it’s following serial posts that became Sinister Exercise, it became apparent that a different brand needed to be developed to go along with a different pen-name so that you could tell right away if you were about to read an adult or child story.

So, welcome to the process!  Thanks for joining me on this journey.


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