Working Title vs Book Title

For over a year now one story has been known as a working title.  Now this far into the story and working on a rewrite/write let’s be honest – that original working title does NOT fit.  Truth be told, I am at a loss.

Perhaps it will come to me while I am working on it.  Hoping it is not the last thing that is holding up publication, but it could be.  If you read any of my blog ‘500 Days Approaching 50’, then you are familiar with the story.  It was called ‘Sinister Exercise’.  Now I am calling it ‘That Sinister Thing’ for lack of a better title.

While I am working on the rewrite, I am going to post the original posts.  So, what I am saying is, if you have an idea for a better title, please, please, please comment.  Who comes up with the best title, me or you, really doesn’t matter.

Take note, there is no money, not a penny in it for you.  The only reward or prize if you do, or you inspire the final title would be bragging rights.  For some that will be more than enough, if it isn’t, then hush up.  No recourse, you can’t come back and whine about it later, just saying.




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