T.J. walked back up the ramp, into the building.  He couldn’t shake the feeling from his mind, ‘Something is wrong with those people’.
Almost to the cafeteria, he heard voices coming from a hall or two ahead of him.  He stopped in mid-step. The woman’s voice was familiar. “Shit”
T.J. turned down a hall leading away from the cafeteria and walked down a bit.  He said a silent prayer and looked heaven ward before looking up in the mirror at the corner, he saw the woman from earlier,  two large men and one short scrawny man walking with her.  She was still carrying on as T.J. remembered, the men all trying to hush and calm her.
“Margaret, you can not make a scene.”
“I am not making a scene, everyone else is. Fouling things up. That’s making a scene.”
“Marg, if you would just be quiet, stay calm, we had planned contingencies.  Just let the experts do their job.”
“And what if they don’t! ”
They turned a corner down another hall, the one T.J. had been planning on taking himself.  “Like, hell,  we can get coffee from the diner.”
T.J. retraced his steps.  He didn’t know what those people were up to, but he wanted no part of it. Something was just not right with them.  He spoke under his breath to himself.  At the exit to the building T.J. paused, said another heavenly directed prayer, and took a deep breath and left the building.  His attempt to leave the dust from something wrong behind him.


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