What if…
The first body was stolen? Not just disappeared. The second family experiencing loss that night was one that had issues.  The almost-deceased’s daughter was angry with the choices of the parent dying. Let’s toy with the idea that she was the right hand. Having tried to please, and saw that her reward was not what she expected. She was passed over. Did she wait until death to steal the body as leverage to get what she wanted or did she abduct the parent prior to death to convince said parent to change their mind? Assuming the parent is a father.
The woman first met in the story, what if she is the illegitimate daughter of the woman above? Given away after birth to a very distant family member to be raised, and didn’t learn of her bio mom until after her beloved parent’s death.
The body is stolen, the wrong body, what becomes of it. Is there a contingency plan. Who is the mastermind behind the theft. What is his relationship to the distraught woman? Is there a relationship or potential relationship to Sam?
These are the possible backstory that is tumbling around in my brain.
Does Sam get arrested for the theft of the body?
IS this going to play out in a surreal fantasy atmosphere or will it become realistic and factual?  Or is this really just backstory that the reader may or may not know in order for me, the writer, to understand the motivation of the characters?


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