“This is 911, what is your emergency?”
The voice on the other end of the phone stabbed a point of reality into TJ’s panic. He turned to check once more behind him. From the light shining in and reflecting off the clipboard laying on the seat to his right, he saw the signed and dated pick up papers for the body that was no longer in his possession.
“This is TJ Smith, I work at Johnson Funeral Home.  I just picked up a body, but the body is now missing.”
“Excuse me, TJ?”
“Yes, m’am, T.J. Smith.”
“TJ, where are you right now?”
“M’am I am at Johnson Funeral Home.  The address is 2955 Saratoga Street.”
“Ok, TJ, just a moment.”
TJ waited, taking a deep breath.  The dispatcher called for a call to meet a Mr. TJ Smith about a missing body at the Johnson Funeral Home.  The patrol car was sent on it’s way.  The conversations this call began spread across the county.  Hours from now it would be talked about across the state, by the end of the day, it was going to be national news.
The effects of truth and gossip would be felt for years later. The reaches of the events this night had begun, but were far from over.  It could be compared to a midwest twister, all the conditions are right, but you never really know where it will touch down, for how long, or who will be in the path.
“TJ is fine m’am.”
“TJ we have a car on the way to you. Are you ok?”
“Yes, m’am, I am fine.”
“I am going to stay on the line with you until they get there, ok?”
“Yes.  I hear the sirens now. They aren’t far.”
“Ok, that’s good.  Are you alone?”
“Yes, m’am.  I am. I see the car now. They are parked in front of me.”
“Ok, the officer wants you to get out of the car now.”
“M’am I am afraid to touch anything.  They stole the body out of the car. I didn’t notice it until I turned to back in to unload the body.  Someone had to have stole it when I went back into get coffee. That is the only time it was alone, but it wasn’t really alone.”
“Ok, Sir, just hold on.”
TJ saw the officer get out of the car.  He didn’t register that the officer was Paul Collins.  The chief of police until Collins was at his window pointing down, trying to get him to roll the window down.  Then held a finger up and pulled out his phone.
Tj’s phone rang, looking at the incoming call screen, ‘PAUL’ flashed and he had the option of putting 911 on hold and answering or ignoring.  TJ held the phone up and spoke to the 911 operator.
“M’am, Chief is calling me, I am hanging up on you right not.  I am sorry, but I need to go.”
“That is fine TJ.”  The operator was Betty, he realized after she’d hung up.  Betty sat next to TJ’s wife in the church choir.  The phone rang again, this time TJ answered.
“Paul, I picked up a body tonight at the hospital.  We put it in the back and I went to get coffee.  Sam was on call, she drove her car.  She was walking across the parking lot to it.  The car wasn’t left alone alone.  But I got in and Sam went to pick up breakfast at the diner.  I drove here, and  SAM!  Paul Sam’s not here yet!”
“Ok, just calm down TJ.  Sam is fine.  She is at the diner.  A couple of officers were eating at the diner when the call came across.  They stopped Sam.  They didn’t know what was going on, and wanted to make sure she was ok.”
“Oh, Thank you, Jesus!”


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  1. Hey Julie,

    This really good! I have been sporadically looking in so I haven’t quite got a rythm going with all these little sections. I think I heard you say you were looking for critique a while back. I’m starting in on straightening up RidicuRyder with a handful of people…let me know if you would be interested in joining our group (if you don’t already have one).

    Otherwise it would be cool to see a group of these posts bundled into a few thousand words. I don’t know about your other readers, but I kinda need a large plate of story to get me into it. Maybe as you rework stuff a little you could post a large edited version of past posts together and have it ready to circulate out for critique.



    1. Go look at the bottom of the page That SINISTER THING. I have the posts links in order of their reading as I put them up. At the bottom I am adding the posts in a way I think you will enjoy.


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