Sam pulled into the diner’s parking lot, parked next to the state and county cars that were backed in opposite the lot’s entrance.  Still feeling the uneasiness from the hospital, it made her feel a little more secure. The officers were getting out of their vehicles stopping to eat on their dinner break. She walked in with them, nice guys she has known since she started working for the funeral home.
Making small talk as they walked in, they parted at the counter, Sam staying to pay for the pick up order and the officers walked farther on setting in a booth that faced the door.  Sam was walking back out, when the county deputy Devin Thomas caught up with her and walked her the rest of the way.
“Dev? Is there something wrong? TJ?”,  Sam stopped in her tracks, worry over her co-worker flooded her.
“No, Sam. TJ is fine.”   Devin was caught off guard, his suspicion now up, after hearing only part of the call over the radio about a missing body.  He had run out to catch up with Sam, while X called in they had Sam.  Knowing she had just left TJ, they wanted to stop her.  Not knowing for sure what was going on, or if Sam was apart of it.  It was hist job to check it out.
Sam let out a sigh of relief.  It still didn’t reliever her of the feeling that something was wrong.  Looking Devin in the eye looking to make sure he wasn’t just saying something to keep her calm.
“It has been an odd night Dev.  You are sure TJ is fine?”
“I promise you Sam, TJ is fine.  What do you mean odd?”


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