“This has been an odd creepy night.”
“Odd and creepy? What do you mean Sam”
” TJ and I were on call.  We met to pick up a body.  It really started being odd at the nurse’s station.”
Devin had to smirk a little, rumors about Sam before he met her had been descriptions of odd and creepy.  After getting to know Sam there were other words he would have used to describe her.  At the moment his suspicion was tweaked.  Sam wasn’t easily spooked.  Yet, now, if he had to name the impression that bothered him most when they pulled in to the lot, and what made him ‘check’ her out was she was spooked.  She was scared. Only now talking to him, he was seeing her relax.  There was a sense of relief.  Why?  His instincts said they needed to start working the case now.
The state officer came out of the diner and nodded to Devin.  Sam turned to face X.
“TJ, he IS ok?  You aren’t just telling me that.”
“Sam, TJ IS ok.  I am sorry but we need to question you. Did you drive your car to the pick up?”
“Yes, do you need to search it or something?”
X was caught off guard by Sam’s response. Though she didn’t see defensive.  His eyebrow’s raised and he looked past Sam to Devin whose shoulders shrugged.
“My dad was a cop.  Here, you are more than welcome.  I locked it when I left in the parking lot.  It was locked and everything looked like I left it when I came back to drive here.”
Anyone else may have balked, but Sam knew she had no clue what was going on.  She didn’t know what it was, and the not knowing was the scary part.  X relieved her more than any of Devin’s words, even if something was wrong with TJ,  something  was being done about it.
“Dev, you want the car or . . . ?”
Devin saw the change Sam even greater when X nod about searching the car.  He tried not to take it personally, but she had definitely relaxed when he had indicated wanting to search.  He took a step forward and reached for the keys.


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