Eleventh Post

“Sam, I need to ask you about tonight. Do you mind telling me about it?”
“No, sure.”  Sam indicated putting the box of food on the hood of her car.
“Yeah, go ahead.  Just start from the beginning.”
X began taking notes as Sam told him from the starting from her call in, to when she drove into the diner’s lot.  Nothing in her demeanor or her narration of the evening led X to believe that Sam had any part in the disappearance of the body.
Devin searched the interior of the vehicle, nothing out of the ordinary.  Popping the trunk, he only found a couple of duffle bags of the funeral home’s packed with straps and monogrammed blankets.  He closed it and walked over to stand listening to Sam finish.
X looked up asking Devin with a nod of his head, Devin responded by shaking his head no.
“Sam, I have a question or two, if you don’t mind X.”
“Go ahead.”
“The bags in the trunk?”
“I did inventory and cleaning today.  Didn’t have the time to prep and set up the bags, so I took them home with me to fold and set up. I am on call, and getting paid.  It’s normal. Many times we get paid full when on call to do maintenance, or just the odd and end stuff.  TJ and I cleaned the carpets last spring at night on call. We got a call out and we just stopped where we were and completed the pick up and finished when we got back.”
“Ok, We will need you to go make a formal statement.  X do you know which agency is taking this one yet?”
“I don’t know but I can check.  If you want her to go to the Sheriff’s office, it’s closest.  You can take her statement, that way she can get out of her.  They can followup as necessary.”
“Ok, you fine with me follow her over? ”
“No problem, we are good here.”
X radio’d dispatch on his way to his car.  Sam grabbed the box of food off the hood of the car and sat it in the backseat floorboard.  Devin followed Sam to the Sheriff’s office a couple blocks away.  Once there Sam brought the box of food in.
“Devin, you hungry? It’s gonna get cold before I get it to TJ, might as well not let it go to waste.”
Devin smiled and took the box from her hands leading her into the office.


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