Lucky 13

The only sign of displeasure was the raised eye brown and the thin straight line her lips made.  A sharp intake of breath, chin raised followed by a deep sigh before she spoke on the phone.
“I have told you what I want done. Make it happen.”  She pushed end and tossed the phone lightly on the bed.
“That told ’em Leighann, what was it? Take out again?”
He had snuck up on her again. Used to his efforts to unsettle her over the years, Leighann never turned around to face him. It made no difference, he would dominate, he always did.   He just wasn’t sharp enough to realize Leighann had chosen not to challenge him.  He hadn’t won by default, but by her choice.
“Cat got your tongue again? Giving me the silent treatment? That’s not going to change things Leighann.  Your Dad is going to die.  It’s a fact. You can’t save him now.”
Leighann controlled her breathing as tears came to her eyes.  Glad she had maintained her posture and not turned to face him.  What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.  She pulled her thought together, sighed and turned to face him.  Her husband of twenty five years.
“Wayne, what brings you home so early in the day?  Did the jury come to a verdict quickly?”
“No, Leighann, the case was dismissed, as I expected.  So what was that call about Leighann, really you should stop making decisions with out Daniel. You should be cluing him into the business.”
“What do you mean?”
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, Your father wants the business to go to Daniel.  Didn’t he tell you?  We discussed this after his diagnosis of cancer, what, a year ago?  I even have the it in writing. You know he always wanted Daniel to take over.  Daniel was just sowing his oats, he was convinced of it.”
“He was, or was Daddy helped, Wayne?  You know that Daniel has no interest.”
“Believe what you want Leighann, just realize that I am always right.”


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