Blackjack aka 21

Just a little after five, everyone but TJ and Sam were left. The phone rang. The phones hadn’t been sent to the answering service yet, so TJ picked up the call.
“Johnson’s Funeral Home, this is TJ, how may I help you.”
TJ grabbed a pad and pen. He motioned for Sam to wait. It must be a call.
“We have a call?”
“yes, we do, if you don’t want to go Sam, I can call my stepson-”
“No, I am good. Where is it?”
“It was a hospice call. F County. I think it’s up near the lake. Here you can plug GPS in your phone and give me directions. If it’s around where I think the roads are going to be rough, I would rather drive up Ok?”
“Sure TJ” TJ would have rather drive most of the time, only when he was tired would he ask Sam to drive.
They had just crossed the county line when the rain started, by the time they had reached the lake, the rain was coming down hard. The roads did narrow around the lake, as TJ had feared. The GPS directions had them turn off the main road onto an established heavy graveled road. The next turn put them on an older, less used dirt and gravel road. They went up one hill and down another, The downpour was becoming so heavy it was hard to see. They must be near the water, at times Sam thought she saw water to her right. TJ’s hands were gripping the steering wheel tight, wipers on high weren’t moving much of the water that was pouring down the windshield.
“Sam, if tell you to jump, jump.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I am not sure where we are, but I don’t think this is where we need to be, and I see water over to hear.”
“Me too.”
“I am afraid we might drive into the lake, With the hills and muddy road, I just want you to jump if we hit water.”
“Well, the GPS is showing the address isn’t far, and we are on a road.”
“Yeah, well, I don’t trust those things when I can see the road ahead. It might be fine, I am just trying to be prepared. Gotta take care of my partner.”
“Do you want to turn around?”
“The road isn’t wide enough. But if I see another side road, I wouldn’t mind. ”
The vehicle topped the hill and then headed down. The GPS showed the little red dot flashing to show their position was right next to the address to the right. Sam looked up what she guessed was a hill and out the side window. There looked like there might be a light.
“I think I see it over here.”
TJ was trying to break and the car was sliding. TJ and Sam opened their doors and rolled out of the car. The cold ground was at first squishy mud, and then hard to Sam as she hit the road, which was a bit wider than it seemed from the interior of the vehicle.
TJ hit and rolled, putting out his hands to stop from rolling into the water filled ditch on his side. The vehicle rolled on and a splash was heard. The vehicle slowly rolled out sinking into water.



Father is a name holder.  This is the Father of Leighann Margaret and Daniel.  Name to be later determined.
Father sat on a paper covered exam table. Exam gown barely covered the tops of his thighs.  His Leighann would have been telling him he needed to plan on wearing sandals this summer so his feet wouldn’t be so pale white, he thought as he looked down at his bare feet.
‘Should have kept my socks on.’
He looked at the clock, time ticking by.  Normally he would never be kept waiting.  It just wasn’t done in his business circle.  This wasn’t his business circle. This was doc’s world. A young man who had had a tough break in life.  One of his attempts to balance the score between his rights and wrongs.
Now he may be finding out sooner than he hoped whether or not he had made enough amends for all his sins.  Doc may be able to determine what was wrong, even save his life, but only Father could save his own soul.  He wasn’t sure he had done that.  Whatever time he had left, he was going to do everything to make sure that he spent eternity, within  reason, with his Leighann.
A knock at the door, then it opened.  Doc, walked in looking at a chart.  walked over to wash his hands.  He turned to face Father drying his hands, looking the elder man straight in the eye.
“So, Father, what seems to be the problem.  I see you once a year for your check up and it hasn’t been a year.”
“Doc, I hope you can tell me.”


Daniel was antsy sitting on the park bench. There was snow on the ground, but to just look at his face you would have thought it was the middle of a long stretch of summer heat.  Sweat beads were layered thick on his upper lip.  Drops ran from his hair line down the nap of his neck drenching the shirt under his suit jacket between his shoulder blades all the was down to his lower back.  His left leg bobbed up and down in a nervous twitched from the tapping of his toe on the  snow scattered concrete sidewalk under foot.
He sat waiting.  He looked at his phone.  It had been only a minute past the last time he looked.  He was there thirty minutes early.  This was going to be a long wait.
Five minutes prior to the meeting time, a man approached from behind Daniel.  coming across the undisturbed snow.  The man in a dark winter parka stepped over the snow bank formed from the shoveled sidewalk snow.  He stood behind Daniel for a second, then reached out and placed his hand on Daniels right shoulder.
Daniel jumped a foot high.  He had been running through his planned speech in his mind for what must be the hundredth time since  the call this morning came setting up the meeting. Daniel looked disheveled, quite the contrast from his appearance as he rushed to dress impeccably for this meeting.  It had now been an hour since his last hit. He had been torn the last hour between leaving his place and seeking some relief he knew could be found on the other side of the park. Well, a block from the other side of the park. In a brown neatly kept craftsman duplex.  Doing so would risk his fixes for a long time, and Daniel knew it. So he sat, fixed to the bench as if chained.
“Come with me”
Daniel walked around the bench and then followed the man across the snow covered field.  They walked out the  entrance on the other side. This was a great temptation for Daniel.  He was merely a block from his relief.  As they walked past the gate to the street, a car pulled up and stopped. The man in the dark parka opened the back passenger door, pushing Daniel’s back toward it.  Daniel got the message and moved to sit in the seat, the door shut.  The man got in the front passenger seat and the car moved forward before he shut the door.
Daniel knew his fate was now sealed. Whether the deal was accepted or not, Daniel had crossed a line.  A line he could not cross back. Not alive any way.

Eight Teen

Here is a little catch up and character list of the story thus far.   There are a few more characters I have in my mind that are key players in the plot.

Characters – mostly in order of appearance thus far.
Sam – opens with – female works at a funeral home
TJ works at funeral home with Sam, Elder black man.
Johnson Funeral Home – name of home.
Nurse #1 at Station – charting nervous
Nurse #2- Male Supervisor
Leighann Margaret – 1st seen in hospital – woman who bursts out of first room, Nurse #2 must calm down
2 men with Leighann Margaret  – 1 large 1 scrawny.
911 operator Betty
Chief of police Paul Collins
State Police Officer X
County Deputy Devin Thomas
Wayne – Leighann Margarets Husband
Daniel Margaret Brother
Harlan – former mayor preacher – 1st body, stolen
Alma- Harlan’s Wife
Harlan’s 2 sons.

So far those are the characters.  Major and minor.
What has happened thus far?
Well TJ and Sam went to pick up Harlan, but were confronted by Margaret on the way to the room.  Margaret was distraught.  They placed Harlan’s body in the vehicle.  TJ went in to get coffee while Sam walked across the mostly empty lot to her car and pulled up along side the vehicle.  TJ saw and overheard Margaret and 2 men in the hall way on the way to the cafeteria and avoids being seen due to the incident with Margaret before. He then leaves the building with out the coffee.  TJ and  Sam leave in different directions.  TJ back to the funeral home, Sam to the diner to pick up breakfast.  TJ arrives and realizes the body is missing and calls 911.  Betty the 911 operator talks to TJ and send cars his way. First car on the scene is the Chief of Police Paul Collins.  Sam is stopped at the diner by a county and a state officer who were going on dinner break but hear the radio traffic about the body theft.  There was concern over whether Sam was ok or not. They stop her, talk to her and search her car.  She then follows the county to the Sheriff’s office 2 blocks away to make a formal statement.  The Chief of Police, who’s office is around the corner from the Sheriff’s office arrives with TJ to take his statement.
There is back story presented.  There are flashbacks, to the evening, and prior to the evening.

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