Eight Teen

Here is a little catch up and character list of the story thus far.   There are a few more characters I have in my mind that are key players in the plot.

Characters – mostly in order of appearance thus far.
Sam – opens with – female works at a funeral home
TJ works at funeral home with Sam, Elder black man.
Johnson Funeral Home – name of home.
Nurse #1 at Station – charting nervous
Nurse #2- Male Supervisor
Leighann Margaret – 1st seen in hospital – woman who bursts out of first room, Nurse #2 must calm down
2 men with Leighann Margaret  – 1 large 1 scrawny.
911 operator Betty
Chief of police Paul Collins
State Police Officer X
County Deputy Devin Thomas
Wayne – Leighann Margarets Husband
Daniel Margaret Brother
Harlan – former mayor preacher – 1st body, stolen
Alma- Harlan’s Wife
Harlan’s 2 sons.

So far those are the characters.  Major and minor.
What has happened thus far?
Well TJ and Sam went to pick up Harlan, but were confronted by Margaret on the way to the room.  Margaret was distraught.  They placed Harlan’s body in the vehicle.  TJ went in to get coffee while Sam walked across the mostly empty lot to her car and pulled up along side the vehicle.  TJ saw and overheard Margaret and 2 men in the hall way on the way to the cafeteria and avoids being seen due to the incident with Margaret before. He then leaves the building with out the coffee.  TJ and  Sam leave in different directions.  TJ back to the funeral home, Sam to the diner to pick up breakfast.  TJ arrives and realizes the body is missing and calls 911.  Betty the 911 operator talks to TJ and send cars his way. First car on the scene is the Chief of Police Paul Collins.  Sam is stopped at the diner by a county and a state officer who were going on dinner break but hear the radio traffic about the body theft.  There was concern over whether Sam was ok or not. They stop her, talk to her and search her car.  She then follows the county to the Sheriff’s office 2 blocks away to make a formal statement.  The Chief of Police, who’s office is around the corner from the Sheriff’s office arrives with TJ to take his statement.
There is back story presented.  There are flashbacks, to the evening, and prior to the evening.


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