Daniel was antsy sitting on the park bench. There was snow on the ground, but to just look at his face you would have thought it was the middle of a long stretch of summer heat.  Sweat beads were layered thick on his upper lip.  Drops ran from his hair line down the nap of his neck drenching the shirt under his suit jacket between his shoulder blades all the was down to his lower back.  His left leg bobbed up and down in a nervous twitched from the tapping of his toe on the  snow scattered concrete sidewalk under foot.
He sat waiting.  He looked at his phone.  It had been only a minute past the last time he looked.  He was there thirty minutes early.  This was going to be a long wait.
Five minutes prior to the meeting time, a man approached from behind Daniel.  coming across the undisturbed snow.  The man in a dark winter parka stepped over the snow bank formed from the shoveled sidewalk snow.  He stood behind Daniel for a second, then reached out and placed his hand on Daniels right shoulder.
Daniel jumped a foot high.  He had been running through his planned speech in his mind for what must be the hundredth time since  the call this morning came setting up the meeting. Daniel looked disheveled, quite the contrast from his appearance as he rushed to dress impeccably for this meeting.  It had now been an hour since his last hit. He had been torn the last hour between leaving his place and seeking some relief he knew could be found on the other side of the park. Well, a block from the other side of the park. In a brown neatly kept craftsman duplex.  Doing so would risk his fixes for a long time, and Daniel knew it. So he sat, fixed to the bench as if chained.
“Come with me”
Daniel walked around the bench and then followed the man across the snow covered field.  They walked out the  entrance on the other side. This was a great temptation for Daniel.  He was merely a block from his relief.  As they walked past the gate to the street, a car pulled up and stopped. The man in the dark parka opened the back passenger door, pushing Daniel’s back toward it.  Daniel got the message and moved to sit in the seat, the door shut.  The man got in the front passenger seat and the car moved forward before he shut the door.
Daniel knew his fate was now sealed. Whether the deal was accepted or not, Daniel had crossed a line.  A line he could not cross back. Not alive any way.


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