Father is a name holder.  This is the Father of Leighann Margaret and Daniel.  Name to be later determined.
Father sat on a paper covered exam table. Exam gown barely covered the tops of his thighs.  His Leighann would have been telling him he needed to plan on wearing sandals this summer so his feet wouldn’t be so pale white, he thought as he looked down at his bare feet.
‘Should have kept my socks on.’
He looked at the clock, time ticking by.  Normally he would never be kept waiting.  It just wasn’t done in his business circle.  This wasn’t his business circle. This was doc’s world. A young man who had had a tough break in life.  One of his attempts to balance the score between his rights and wrongs.
Now he may be finding out sooner than he hoped whether or not he had made enough amends for all his sins.  Doc may be able to determine what was wrong, even save his life, but only Father could save his own soul.  He wasn’t sure he had done that.  Whatever time he had left, he was going to do everything to make sure that he spent eternity, within  reason, with his Leighann.
A knock at the door, then it opened.  Doc, walked in looking at a chart.  walked over to wash his hands.  He turned to face Father drying his hands, looking the elder man straight in the eye.
“So, Father, what seems to be the problem.  I see you once a year for your check up and it hasn’t been a year.”
“Doc, I hope you can tell me.”


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