Blackjack aka 21

Just a little after five, everyone but TJ and Sam were left. The phone rang. The phones hadn’t been sent to the answering service yet, so TJ picked up the call.
“Johnson’s Funeral Home, this is TJ, how may I help you.”
TJ grabbed a pad and pen. He motioned for Sam to wait. It must be a call.
“We have a call?”
“yes, we do, if you don’t want to go Sam, I can call my stepson-”
“No, I am good. Where is it?”
“It was a hospice call. F County. I think it’s up near the lake. Here you can plug GPS in your phone and give me directions. If it’s around where I think the roads are going to be rough, I would rather drive up Ok?”
“Sure TJ” TJ would have rather drive most of the time, only when he was tired would he ask Sam to drive.
They had just crossed the county line when the rain started, by the time they had reached the lake, the rain was coming down hard. The roads did narrow around the lake, as TJ had feared. The GPS directions had them turn off the main road onto an established heavy graveled road. The next turn put them on an older, less used dirt and gravel road. They went up one hill and down another, The downpour was becoming so heavy it was hard to see. They must be near the water, at times Sam thought she saw water to her right. TJ’s hands were gripping the steering wheel tight, wipers on high weren’t moving much of the water that was pouring down the windshield.
“Sam, if tell you to jump, jump.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I am not sure where we are, but I don’t think this is where we need to be, and I see water over to hear.”
“Me too.”
“I am afraid we might drive into the lake, With the hills and muddy road, I just want you to jump if we hit water.”
“Well, the GPS is showing the address isn’t far, and we are on a road.”
“Yeah, well, I don’t trust those things when I can see the road ahead. It might be fine, I am just trying to be prepared. Gotta take care of my partner.”
“Do you want to turn around?”
“The road isn’t wide enough. But if I see another side road, I wouldn’t mind. ”
The vehicle topped the hill and then headed down. The GPS showed the little red dot flashing to show their position was right next to the address to the right. Sam looked up what she guessed was a hill and out the side window. There looked like there might be a light.
“I think I see it over here.”
TJ was trying to break and the car was sliding. TJ and Sam opened their doors and rolled out of the car. The cold ground was at first squishy mud, and then hard to Sam as she hit the road, which was a bit wider than it seemed from the interior of the vehicle.
TJ hit and rolled, putting out his hands to stop from rolling into the water filled ditch on his side. The vehicle rolled on and a splash was heard. The vehicle slowly rolled out sinking into water.


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