#23 Flashback

Daniel sat back in the rear seat of the car.  Should he buckle or not, as he instinctively reached for the seat belt..  He looked to the others and they weren’t buckled.  That was not good. He let the belt go and retract.
The drive was a long one. He hadn’t thought about it at the time that he made the call.  He wished he had.  A six hour drive one way.  These guys weren’t talking to him or each other.
The only stops made along the way were to switch out drivers, never at a rest stop and if they went to the bathroom it was to take a leak off the interstate among the trees, Daniel guessed.  At first he looked at the men, trying to determine if he recognized anyone.
They all had suits.  They all had similar dark glasses, and they all had the same military style short cropped hair. If he didn’t know better, he would think they were Feds.  The thought did continue to cross his mind occasionally on both the drive to and from, maybe they were.
By the time they arrived for his meeting, Daniel was in need of both a bathroom, a drink and food.  None was offered, and Daniel didn’t have the guts to ask.  He just followed directions.
He sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity.  If he had thought to check the time, it was only fifteen minutes.  His sweat factor had over the last six hours increased, subsided and now increased again.  He was more than damp.  He was uncomfortable.  It showed.
His wait was observed through a two way mirror.  The elder man, to be a rival of his father, sat and watched.  The nervous man could wait, he was going to wait on a return call before proceeding with this meeting.


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