What was I thinking?

Prepping for Hoops for Life.  A hilly 5K that will kick my backside (ass).  It is nearly five weeks away. I am barely ready to run a 5k.  A flat, no incline 5K in an hour with people. 

I mapped out a course of hills to walk. Started that last week. So, I took the plunge to do an interval on it.  No easy week one or two was on my pod, but week three was. (It helps to make these kind of decisions before setting out.)

What the heck.

So. I hit the play button and picked up my walking pace.  Down one hill, turn around and up.  Check time nearly fifteen minutes.  Not bad. Down another, turn around, and up.

It was hot. Forgit about it.

Heading down another hill to home. The tracking device blurts out 1.3 miles at 25:?? minutes.  Happy numbers!

Even better, when I got home and turned all my data off, it ended up being a mile and a half in 30:17. Hills! Hills.  I looked to see, it was a total elevation gain of 96 feet.  Maybe I will survive next month.


First off, after writing the above, instead of sneaking off for a shower and a soak, which was the plan – I got on the swimsuit and went to the gym to swim.  Instead of my normal 1/3 of a mile, it was cut back to 1/5th (afternoon appointment).

By 5P I was dragging.  What was I thinking?  Um,  triathlon?  I only missed out on doing the cycling.

This morning, I felt the depletion of energy. Granted my muscles were a tad bit annoyed with the push of yesterday, but the energy was the kicker.

Last week I had briefly done some searching on Tri/s.  I was relieved to find out there are a variety.  Yesterday, minus the cycling I almost did a half a sprint. Well, at least the distance of half a sprint on the swim and run.

What was I thinking?


Oh, my discovering my competitive side.  News to me.  Ok, those in the peanut gallery, hush up the giggles. I wasn’t nor do I consider myself to be athletic.  Certainly nothing on this side of coordinated either.

What benefit has this exploration of fitness, round something like six, done for me.  The amount of clarity in some of my personal writing and most assuredly time to work out in my mind the images for the children’s picture book.

And, the toying of an idea of picture book on grief.  Like a mustard seed letting this idea get some roots before I push forward on it. Struggling to get in shape is helping me put into perspective honing my craft of writing.

In the grand scheme of things, it is ALL bigger than me.




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