Sam hit the road edge first, her fall a combination of sliding, skidding, and finally a slight roll into the ditch, stopping on her right side underwater.  Heart racing, water in her nose and mouth.  Panic! She thrashed about, realizing that her right shoulder and hip were on soft ground and banging her left hand on ground in front of her. Pushing her right elbow against the ground she raised up above the water and could breath.
‘Hearts working.  God, please not a heart attack out here, Calm down. I can breath. I am ok.’
Thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn’t see until she thought to open her eyes.
“What an idiot I am.’
Water beneath her to the right, just below her chin; a mixture of dirt, grass remains and leaves in front of her; above to her left sky, and raindrops. Pushing up further, she fell on her back against the road side of the ditch. Panic for a moment, until she realized this kept her face out of the water, just barely.
‘Ok, assess. What works?  Wiggling her fingers and moving her hands, arms, then toes, feet, ankles, lifting her knees.  Tops of her thighs jiggled. Need to go to the gym more. She squeezed her butt cheeks. So far brain thinks everything works.  My back.  sore, hurts in places.  I don’t feel like my body is awkwardly out of line. Does someone know that when hey have broken their back?”
Sam’s mind went racing.  Back to the day after her Dad had passed away, going through his things. The envelope yellowed with age she found under his socks.  The one that had lead her here.  The return address was the imprint of the funeral home she now worked at.  She was curious, and Daddy was dead, still there had been that feeling of doing something naughty.  Invading Papaw’s privacy.
Inside was a letter to Dad, hand written and a funeral card (program thing).  Opening the card to the left was a picture of a woman.  Leighann X (Same last  name as Sam and Dad) X  birth date and year, death date and year.  The right hand side was what appeared to be like the eulogy she had helped her dad prepare for Mom, and then on her own about her Dad.  Who would make out her card?
(Card writing?  Do I want to put it here?  What does it say for own benefit think about this)
(The letter, what does it say? Do I want to insert it here? Or later?)
That address brought her here, to this moment.
The shout brought Sam out of her memory.  The call came again, from behind and above her.
“SAM! Are you ok?!”
“TJ! I think I am fine. Where are you?”
“In a damn thicket. OW! Did you break anything?”
“I don’t think so, you?”
“No, I am just full of thorns, the bush broke my fall, but I am being poked to death”
Sam could hear TJ rustle with the brush, The rain wasn’t coming down as hard, and felt more like a heavy mist now.  Sam brought her knees up and rolled toward her stomach, bracing with her left arm on the opposite side of the ditch, getting up awkwardly on her hands and knees in the ditch. The water no deeper than a standard tub of bath water.


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