Sam crawled and climbed onto the road.  Raising up to stand, she limped across the road looking for TJ.
Below and to her right she heard branches breaking and a grown.
“Down here!  On my way up! Don’t come down here!”
Sam listened to the crunch and crumble of branches; moans, groans and curses from TJ.  Limping over to where she heard his heavy breath and milder cursing as he came up the side of the road. Sam reached out her hand to help him onto the road.
TJ looked towards her hand and waved it away.
“Girl, I am not that old and decrepit. Appreciate your offer, but no.”
Sam laughed off his remark.  He was fine.  TJ may be banged up and bruised as she was, but he was fine.  No broken bones, they both seemed to be in one piece.
“Ok, now what?”
“Well, Miss, we are going up to that house up there.”
TJ pointed up the hill behind Sam.  There was a security light on a pole. From that pole a power line could be seen running downward, which could mean anything from a shed to a house or some shorter structure.  Regardless, it would get them out of the rain.
Walking back across the gravel road to the side that Sam had rolled into, they made their way down the side of the road and up the hillside.  Along the way TJ found a sturdy  branch that he used to pull them both up the soft spots beneath the heavily treed hillside.
As they reach the near the top of the hill, they could see at eye level the porch and house that the power line ran down to.  Lights were on and now Sam saw the smoke coming out of the chimney that TJ had spied on his climb out of his ditch.



“Theo, I am not sure how to answer that.”
“What do you mean. He either is or isn’t. Which?”
“Well, he is in the hospital and asleep.  More than that I can’t say.”
“Why not?”
“Because I don’t really know much more than that. I could guess.”
“So, . . . guess.”
“Theo, it isn’t my place to guess.”
“Wake him.”
“I will do no such thing.  I will tell him you called and he can call you back.”
“No, you will wake him now. My call is important. If he isn’t dead, dying or in a coma, I need to talk to him.”
Alma sighed. She put the Danny’s cell phone down on the table and moved closer to his bed.  For the first time, a sense of fear washed over Alma. Dannie had always been an impressive man. Intimidating to some, overly confident others might say. Alma sighed again.
She put her right hand on Danny’s right forearm, her left hand on his shoulder.  She leaned in close to his right ear.
Alma paused and waited to see if her voice stirred him awake.  Nothing noticeable.  She leaned in again and gently squeezed his arm and shoulder as she said his name again.
Waiting, this time she thought she saw his face muscles move a bit.  She tried again, this time barely shaking and squeezing his arm with her hands and leaned in closer.
Danny’s eyes blinked. His face scrunched, slowly he opened his eyes.  At first he seemed disoriented.  It took a few seconds for him to realize who Alma was, she could tell the moment he recognized her. His face lit up.
“I’m not dead.”
Alma smiled and shook her head.
“No, Danny, you are not dead.  You do have an obstinate brother on the phone who is insistent that he talk with you.  Do you feel like sitting up and talking to him?”
Danny started to raise himself up in the bed, but Alma stopped him with hands on his chest.
“No, I will raise the bed, just a minute, let’s get you up and see how you feel, ok?”
Alma raised the head of the bed, and handed the control to Danny, who laid it by his hip.  She reached back to the table and grabbed the mug of ice water and offered him the straw. Danny pushed it away.
“Seriously, try, you will want to stay hydrated, trust me.  I have spent some time with Harlan and hospitals.  Besides, if you are going to talk to Theo, you need to moisten your mouth and throat. You snore, it’s probably dry and once you start talking you will wish you had.”
Danny looked at Alma with a grimace, grabbed the mug from her and sucked on the straw. It was ice cold and she was right it felt good, he realized how dry his mouth and throat were.  Between sips he sighed.
“You and Leighann, you both were good mothers.”
“Thank you, and yes she was.  You aren’t the only one who misses her.”
“I know.  Here. Give me the phone.”
He handed Alma back the mug and waited as she reached over to place the mug on the table and hand back the phone.
“What the hell, Theo, can’t I get some peace and quiet?”


The boys had left and Betty called back a few minutes later to make sure they had gone home.  Alma sat in Harlan’s chair in the den, popping back the recliner to put her feet up.  She looked down and noticed that her ankles were swollen from the long hours at the hospital.  She sighed.
It was a quite a while Alma sat staring into a black television screen.  The large black hole mounted on the wall that she and the boys had surprised Harlan with on the last Father’s Day.  The house was quiet.
Alma sat and waited for Harlan to come in the room and cough.  Indicating he was ready to get comfortable in his chair.  When she was younger, the boys were still in school, she would send them t their room while she made dinner.  After the meal was made, she’d set it to warm and go sit in Harlan’s chair and read a book.  He would walk in the door from the kitchen after seeing that the boys set the table and the food was on the table, he’d stand there and cough until Alma noticed him.  Then after the boys were grown and gone, raising families of their own.  They continued the same routine.  In the last few years, when Alma was home and had the time, she would sit in his chair and read. Harlan would come and stand near her and cough softly until she was pulled from the world within the book she was reading.  She’d get up and move over to her chair and they would watch the news, or just sit and read.  This was how she would know for sure he was gone.  She would sit here until he coughed for her to move.


Recover by Chvrches of the album The Bones of What You Believe released 2013 on Virgin Records and Goodbye Records.  Via Churches YouTube link. Thanks!


Dear Diary,

Damn it all.

Still not even halfway done with the children’s picture book that will be published, we hope before the end of 2015.  It will be under my authorship Julie Kolb.

I had decided there had to be a way to distinguish between children suitable writing and that for the things like the  Sinister thing.  Dead bodies being stolen in my childhood wasn’t considered a children’s story.  YA?  Maybe.

So, there is this and that to help make it easier (seemed like a great idea at the time) to know when you picked up something I had written and know it was

  1. MINE
  2. Whether it was appropriate for a child or someone older.
  3. Satisfy my conscious

So while I am working on a collection of short stories for the older, bigger kids – I am also working on illustrations for a picture book.  That is two publications I am working on at one time.

I am overwhelmed between doing this and that, preparing to return to college. Again.  Oh, and don’t forget I am dragging my fat old wrinkled hag of a person into completing not just 5ks but overshooting my ability to attempt endurance type events as well.  (Ok, 1 is not plural, but I don’t trust myself, I am eyeing triathlon sprints like they are chocolate.)

I blame my running friends and Steve Durbin. Him and that Tunnel Hill 100 that I worked at last year put my competitive nature on alert.  It didn’t take much to sign up for the R.U.T.S. last month.

Does it sound like I am doing too much?

I am.  I am so an overdoer in recovery.  Maybe not exactly in recovery, next month will doing all the above, two college courses start.  Confidence, editing, and above all better storytelling skills need to be built, added to and improved.

And, we have a Cafepress store and pitting it against a Zazzle store as well.

See,  OVER DOING.  Too many directions at once.


Deep breath. One thing at a time.



Sort of a Sinister post.  Difficult and highly avoided section to write. What happens immediately after the discovery of the stolen body.
Brainstorming –
Paul Collins radioed dispatch to contact the security department of the hospital, and sends a car over to begin taking statements from the personnel on staff and any visitors or patience awake.   Paul also calls the head of security, his golfing partner Fred.
“It is 2 am Paul, the hospital better be on fire.”
“Close. A dead body is missing and it was last seen leaving the hospital.”
This brought Fred not only fully awake, but out of his bed and standing sans pajama bottoms and flipping on the bedroom light.  The light disturbed his sleeping partner, his ex wife of ten years, who pulls the pillow from Fred’s side of the bed and the blankets up over her head.
“What do you mean last seen leaving my hospital?”
“Exactly what I said.  Now, I need you to get over there and help my guys with searching the building, taking statements and reviewing tapes.  I am not saying your people won’t cooperate, but they will be able to with you there to think for them.”
“Wait a minute.  The body went missing after it left my hospital.  Then it’s not my problem per say. It was out of jurisdiction shall we say.  And what do you mean my people won’t cooperate or be able to think.  Some of my people ARE your people.   is this a joke.  . . . Wait a minute is this about last month’s poker game.  I swear, Paul ( belligerent ).”
“Fred. . . . Fred . . .   FRED!”
“We know the body left the building and initially made it in the vehicle, but it didn’t make it to the funeral home.  The only place it could have left the chain of custody was sitting in the parking lot.”
“Old ER entrance?”
“Yes. Is there going to be video?”
“Maybe, depends.”
“What do you mean maybe depends?”
“Well, that is only used for deliveries, so there is only one camera.  It isn’t wide angled, it just covers the door and ramp.  Depends where the back door of the vehicle is in respect to the camera viewpoint whether or not there is a shot showing what happened.  Let me make a call, I will get dressed and get down there.  Damn. I would have rather this be a joke.”
“Yeah, me too.”
So began Fred’s longest work day at the hospital since retiring from the state police department five years ago.  He took his job seriously, but still, it was not nearly as wearing as being a state trooper.  He had to admit it had become a little boring at times.  Well, this certainly wasn’t going to be boring.
At the hospital, Fred’s call put into works a series of actions.  He called the supervisor on shift and found that as soon as the supervisor had heard over the radio a call to the funeral home and references to the hospital, he locked down the door system and had for lack of knowing what to do set in motion all the procedures associated with an abduction of a patient and any relevant security means in the chain of actions for a drug theft from the pharmacy.  When dispatch called to inform him of the arrival of an officer and  need to interview, he had  begun the set up of a room for statements and one for interviews on site by turning on the lights and unlocking the classrooms behind admin.  A phone call to the security service about retaining records and copies of the evenings video surveillance was when he received the call from Fred.
Fred authorized some call-in additional bodies for security, something the supervisor had already done, counting on the authorization.  (He- supervisor, may just work out for this job after all. Maybe he should change his major at college.)  Fred was quite pleased to find that the kid working as supervisor was on top of things, but still would feel better, as would Paul if he was there.  Informing the supervisor his impending arrival and expected reports for the evening shift.
While all of the movements were taking place, the supervisor had sent a team of two, to walk the building and look- don’t touch any thing out of the ordinary.  An unlocked door, broken anything, just check everything he told them, radio back what they found.  Even if they found everything as it should be. He pulled a paid and noted the time and every time they radioed back, where they were and what they found.  Status normal so far.

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