Recover by Chvrches of the album The Bones of What You Believe released 2013 on Virgin Records and Goodbye Records.  Via Churches YouTube link. Thanks!


Dear Diary,

Damn it all.

Still not even halfway done with the children’s picture book that will be published, we hope before the end of 2015.  It will be under my authorship Julie Kolb.

I had decided there had to be a way to distinguish between children suitable writing and that for the things like the  Sinister thing.  Dead bodies being stolen in my childhood wasn’t considered a children’s story.  YA?  Maybe.

So, there is this and that to help make it easier (seemed like a great idea at the time) to know when you picked up something I had written and know it was

  1. MINE
  2. Whether it was appropriate for a child or someone older.
  3. Satisfy my conscious

So while I am working on a collection of short stories for the older, bigger kids – I am also working on illustrations for a picture book.  That is two publications I am working on at one time.

I am overwhelmed between doing this and that, preparing to return to college. Again.  Oh, and don’t forget I am dragging my fat old wrinkled hag of a person into completing not just 5ks but overshooting my ability to attempt endurance type events as well.  (Ok, 1 is not plural, but I don’t trust myself, I am eyeing triathlon sprints like they are chocolate.)

I blame my running friends and Steve Durbin. Him and that Tunnel Hill 100 that I worked at last year put my competitive nature on alert.  It didn’t take much to sign up for the R.U.T.S. last month.

Does it sound like I am doing too much?

I am.  I am so an overdoer in recovery.  Maybe not exactly in recovery, next month will doing all the above, two college courses start.  Confidence, editing, and above all better storytelling skills need to be built, added to and improved.

And, we have a Cafepress store and pitting it against a Zazzle store as well.

See,  OVER DOING.  Too many directions at once.


Deep breath. One thing at a time.



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