Sam crawled and climbed onto the road.  Raising up to stand, she limped across the road looking for TJ.
Below and to her right she heard branches breaking and a grown.
“Down here!  On my way up! Don’t come down here!”
Sam listened to the crunch and crumble of branches; moans, groans and curses from TJ.  Limping over to where she heard his heavy breath and milder cursing as he came up the side of the road. Sam reached out her hand to help him onto the road.
TJ looked towards her hand and waved it away.
“Girl, I am not that old and decrepit. Appreciate your offer, but no.”
Sam laughed off his remark.  He was fine.  TJ may be banged up and bruised as she was, but he was fine.  No broken bones, they both seemed to be in one piece.
“Ok, now what?”
“Well, Miss, we are going up to that house up there.”
TJ pointed up the hill behind Sam.  There was a security light on a pole. From that pole a power line could be seen running downward, which could mean anything from a shed to a house or some shorter structure.  Regardless, it would get them out of the rain.
Walking back across the gravel road to the side that Sam had rolled into, they made their way down the side of the road and up the hillside.  Along the way TJ found a sturdy  branch that he used to pull them both up the soft spots beneath the heavily treed hillside.
As they reach the near the top of the hill, they could see at eye level the porch and house that the power line ran down to.  Lights were on and now Sam saw the smoke coming out of the chimney that TJ had spied on his climb out of his ditch.


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