Sam was abruptly woken by the doorbell and knock. She looked at the clock, barely an hour of sleep.  The ringing and knocking increased.  She grabbed her jeans and pulled them on as she stumbled from her bedroom to the door.
She grabbed a jacket from the coat rack behind the door to cover the threadbare favored t-shirt she had slept in and checked through the peephole.  It was Officer Thomas.
“Sam?!?”  she heard him calling through the door.
“Hold on!”
Sam unbolted the door and opened it. Standing face to face with the officer who was probably still in his same uniform from last night, morning stubble a giveaway to his appearance.
“I really need to ask you some questions, do you mind.  You didn’t answer your cell phone. Given last night, I thought it best to check on you.”
“Yes, sure.  I am sorry I was so tired when I got the message it just seemed wise to get some sleep before I returned your call.”
“Did you get any?”  Dylan noticed her bed-head and change of clothes.  He followed her motion in to the apartment.  Again, habit was to check the surroundings and exits.
“I think maybe an hour.  This must be important so go ahead, ask.”
“When you were at the hospital did you notice any other coming and going?  Ambulance or another funeral home pick up? Something that would be normal, but you might not think to mention it?”
“No, there were no ambulances.  There was a work van over by the old entrance when we left, but I don’t know if it was there when I arrived.  There has been so much renovation, I never thought . . .”
“Ok, so it was there when you left.  You remember that but not if it was there when you arrived?”
“Yes, I heard a noise and scanned all around me.  I told you that.  I was thinking someone was in the lot with me.  I didn’t want to get mugged or anything so I turned all the way around checking for movement.”
“You didn’t see anything.”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Humor me, can you go back in your mind and tell me what you did see? It doesn’t have to be out of place or odd, just tell me exactly what you remember seeing, even if it doesn’t seem important”



The sun was rising when Sam parked her car in the lot outside her apartment building.  She sat in the quiet car after shutting off the engine and went through a habit her mother taught her as a little girl after a bad day at school.  She imagined pushing all the bad thoughts and feelings into balloons outside her head, but in the car.  This morning took longer than usual, even waiting a few minutes to make sure they were all out.  In her mind, the car was crowded. Reaching to open the door, eyes still closed, she imagined the balloon floating up and away as she opened the door.  All that bad juju floating away like helium balloons.
She wasn’t taking that into her home with her this morning.  Her mood improved on the short walk to the door.  Needing to fill her mind with positive and pleasant thoughts, Sam clicked on music on the way to the bathroom, flooding the apartment with ‘happy music’.
Sam showered completing the cleanse not only of her mind, her spirit but her body, too.  It didn’t help, thought going through the motions did ease the tension in her muscles; her mood was still confused and quite probably shock.
Sam decided to flip off the music, which hadn’t helped near enough, and began flipping through comedy movies to watch until she feel asleep on the couch.  She didn’t want to take this mood to her bedroom, afraid that the dreams to come would linger longer than she was prepared to deal with.
The phone rang just as she had begun to relax enough to chuckle, not just smile at the jokes and physical comedy flashing on the screen she would have normally laughed loudly at.  The sharp sound of the noise on this morning coming ominously from her phone.
Muting the movie, before looking at the caller id, if was from no number.  Sam looked at the area code followed by 000-0000.  A private unidentifiable number, who would be calling her?  She chose not to answer it.  Let them leave a message.  Ignoring the call, she turned the volume back up on the movie and snuggled deeper into the couch.
Sam was awoken by the sound of her phone voicemail, seems that non-number had left her a message.  She was wide awake and decided to listen to it, hoping her curiosity would be put to rest and so could she.
The male voice was calm, polite and serious.  “Sam, this is Dylan Thomas, if you could return my call, I would appreciated it. I have some questions about last night if you don’t mind answering.  Give me a call back at . . . .
So that was the mysterious number.  Must be a working cell from the station and not his personal number, or maybe it was.  Sam decided to try to sleep a little more before calling him back.  If he had questions to ask, she wanted to be rested and ready to hear and answer them.  Right now, she was still exhausted.

Men. OH! Pause, ALL!

What does (cue traumatic music) menopause have to do with running?  Well, for some, not a damn thing.  For others, it is our stress release and the opportunity to try to loose those pounds before the senility of senior citizenship has slowed us to a shuffle.  For me, it makes a difference in dealing with the emotional part of the hormonal changes.

Some had accused me of being near tears, when my mood was happy.  Something was definitely amiss.  Now, whether it is projection on their part, or denial on mine, didn’t quite figured out.  Honestly, didn’t have the time.  Which there was another cause, maybe tired?

Slogging away has paid off, kissing a 17 minute mile now instead of a 20.  Delighted in that. Training for a half marathon, and hoping someday for a triathlon.  Kicking up the cross part of training has been a recent focus.

Swimming, running, lifting, yes, weight lifting is now on the agenda.  But don’t freak out.  There are many programs out there that are more about sculpting and defining, as well as strengthening without – let me say this again, WITHOUT BULKING UP.  Didn’t want to bulk, just want to avoid osteoporosis, gain any increase my metabolism possible (which building muscle can do, and make the body be more efficient) and improve my strength.

It was a struggle because all that working out did make me tired, but the persistence has begun to pay off, because my energy level is increasing as well as my patience.  Now, that is a helpful menapausal benefit – patience.  So is feeling great, and knowing that after a long run, yes, you can have that donut.


Dylan rang the door bell, and the door open instantly. The person on the other side had been watching him go from door to door. She had already gotten a call from Gladys, her Sunday school seat mate two hours ago. Gladys had called her after mentioning to the officer she spoke with that her friend had woke her up because of something ‘funny’ going on at the hospital last night. Betty waited patiently until he arrived at her house.
“Ma’am, was anyone in the house awake at any time last night?”
“You talked to Gladys?”
“Yes ma’am. Your name is?
“Betty Malone. Would you care to come in for some coffee?”
“Would you care to answer some questions?”
“Well, I’d call that a unanimous yes.”
Betty let Dylan into the kitchen. She motioned for him to set at the kitchen table, went to the counter to grab two cups and the coffee pot. She set both on the table and told him she would be right back.
Dylan was hesitant to sit himself down at the table until he knew where she was going, or what she might be getting. A self survival instinct that over time most good officers develop. He stayed standing, his back against a solid wall, and facing the doorway into the room. He could her Betty holler down the home.
“You will have to excuse me. I had just finished watching a movie and headlights flashed in the living room window, which is unusual late at night anymore since they moved the ER entrance. I looked out to see what was going on. There isn’t much to tell, but I wrote down what I saw just incase it was more than it seemed. You never know these days.”
Betty returned with a note pad. Scrawled notes across. Betty settled herself and her pad down, and poured coffee in both cups, reaching to the center of the table for sugar and cream containers and a spoon.
“Do you take yours black?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Dylan pulled out the chair opposite, set his clipboard down with a fresh blank page. Sitting down, and taking a sip of the hot black coffee, prepared to take notes and ask questions that he hoped would aid in the investigation.


Paul hung up the phone. Resting his head in his hands for a moment, then sighed, and grabbed his radio mike on his shoulder and keyed it.
“Thomas, you in the station? ”
“My office.”
It took Dylan less than a couple of minutes to make it from the desk where he was writing up his notes on the search an interrogation of Sam. He grabbed a folder and stuck his notes, Sam’s statement included.
“Thomas, I want you to go over to the hospital. Knock on every door of every house that can see that old ER entrance. Maybe not everyone was asleep. Someone had to have seen something.”
“Sure thing.”
The drive over was quiet and Dylan had some time to think, what he would say when people answered their door without leading them to give him false information. He also thought about Sam. He knew enough from running a background check on Sam a few months after she arrived and he saw her picking up an order at the diner they were just at. She had piqued his interest then. It was a difficult position to be in. He knew she didn’t have any apparent connection. Growing up in a family of cops he knew enough to never be surprised by anything. Waiting wasn’t such a bad idea now. Still, he held hope that she wasn’t connected to this.
Dylan pulled his cruiser up into the hospital parking lot, stopping on the street side, nearest the houses directly opposite the entrance in question. He started with house directly opposite. Knocking on doors, asking if anyone in the house was awake during the night. Many people answered no, followed by a query into why he was asking. He’s pat response by the time he was done – “We aren’t sure, we are hoping to find an eyewitness to give us more details.”
Dylan was going to be thorough as possible. He went down side streets that as he walked the block around the hospital still had a view of any part of the hospital. He spent the better part of the day knocking doors, talking to residents. Taking down the few bits and pieces of information. Until he hit the south side of the hospital. Then he found someone who had been awake.


yes, this is a shameless admittance of stupidity of leaving things where mongrels can get to them. true it is also a shameless attempt at getting free Garmin stuffs. Will let you know how well that works. (Not expecting anything to come of it but what the hell, ya know?)


Apparently The DOG likes going on runs with me.  Of course I didn’t take her to the race last Saturday. Nope, I didn’t take her on the first run of this week either.  Why?  Well, it was hot and I hadn’t planned on taking a run. I had left stuff at the gym; decided it was more environmentally friendly and better for my health to just run there.  Which would have meant tying her up in the sun on a concrete parking lot in the heat. That is a bad parent, puppy or otherwise. So she stayed home in the a.c.

Did she appreciate it? Well, no. She was peeved and chewed up my new to me Garmin. Ok, so it was just the watchband.  Destroyed.  At first I was concerned because the buckle thingie was missing and frantically searched the floor and room for it.  This could have meant a trip to the vet.  Thankfully it was intact in the fuzzy dog bed on the floor.  Whew!


She is a pretty smart dog, or I am a perceptive dog parent, because she hadn’t begun to chew on the watch itself.  That part started beeping out of self preservation, alerting me something amiss.

Off to the internet to find out how hard was this going to be to replace? Thankfully on the Garmin website you can order new bands. Oh, and they are the easiest band to replace I am happy to say.  Thanks Garmin.  (Someone there must own a puppy and have gone through this before.)

Thus the Garmin itself was saved. I also got the important message from The Dog, “TAKE ME WITH YOU!”


We may have to try some dog friendly events.  Love you too, Carolina.


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