yes, this is a shameless admittance of stupidity of leaving things where mongrels can get to them. true it is also a shameless attempt at getting free Garmin stuffs. Will let you know how well that works. (Not expecting anything to come of it but what the hell, ya know?)


Apparently The DOG likes going on runs with me.  Of course I didn’t take her to the race last Saturday. Nope, I didn’t take her on the first run of this week either.  Why?  Well, it was hot and I hadn’t planned on taking a run. I had left stuff at the gym; decided it was more environmentally friendly and better for my health to just run there.  Which would have meant tying her up in the sun on a concrete parking lot in the heat. That is a bad parent, puppy or otherwise. So she stayed home in the a.c.

Did she appreciate it? Well, no. She was peeved and chewed up my new to me Garmin. Ok, so it was just the watchband.  Destroyed.  At first I was concerned because the buckle thingie was missing and frantically searched the floor and room for it.  This could have meant a trip to the vet.  Thankfully it was intact in the fuzzy dog bed on the floor.  Whew!


She is a pretty smart dog, or I am a perceptive dog parent, because she hadn’t begun to chew on the watch itself.  That part started beeping out of self preservation, alerting me something amiss.

Off to the internet to find out how hard was this going to be to replace? Thankfully on the Garmin website you can order new bands. Oh, and they are the easiest band to replace I am happy to say.  Thanks Garmin.  (Someone there must own a puppy and have gone through this before.)

Thus the Garmin itself was saved. I also got the important message from The Dog, “TAKE ME WITH YOU!”


We may have to try some dog friendly events.  Love you too, Carolina.



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