Paul hung up the phone. Resting his head in his hands for a moment, then sighed, and grabbed his radio mike on his shoulder and keyed it.
“Thomas, you in the station? ”
“My office.”
It took Dylan less than a couple of minutes to make it from the desk where he was writing up his notes on the search an interrogation of Sam. He grabbed a folder and stuck his notes, Sam’s statement included.
“Thomas, I want you to go over to the hospital. Knock on every door of every house that can see that old ER entrance. Maybe not everyone was asleep. Someone had to have seen something.”
“Sure thing.”
The drive over was quiet and Dylan had some time to think, what he would say when people answered their door without leading them to give him false information. He also thought about Sam. He knew enough from running a background check on Sam a few months after she arrived and he saw her picking up an order at the diner they were just at. She had piqued his interest then. It was a difficult position to be in. He knew she didn’t have any apparent connection. Growing up in a family of cops he knew enough to never be surprised by anything. Waiting wasn’t such a bad idea now. Still, he held hope that she wasn’t connected to this.
Dylan pulled his cruiser up into the hospital parking lot, stopping on the street side, nearest the houses directly opposite the entrance in question. He started with house directly opposite. Knocking on doors, asking if anyone in the house was awake during the night. Many people answered no, followed by a query into why he was asking. He’s pat response by the time he was done – “We aren’t sure, we are hoping to find an eyewitness to give us more details.”
Dylan was going to be thorough as possible. He went down side streets that as he walked the block around the hospital still had a view of any part of the hospital. He spent the better part of the day knocking doors, talking to residents. Taking down the few bits and pieces of information. Until he hit the south side of the hospital. Then he found someone who had been awake.


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