Men. OH! Pause, ALL!

What does (cue traumatic music) menopause have to do with running?  Well, for some, not a damn thing.  For others, it is our stress release and the opportunity to try to loose those pounds before the senility of senior citizenship has slowed us to a shuffle.  For me, it makes a difference in dealing with the emotional part of the hormonal changes.

Some had accused me of being near tears, when my mood was happy.  Something was definitely amiss.  Now, whether it is projection on their part, or denial on mine, didn’t quite figured out.  Honestly, didn’t have the time.  Which there was another cause, maybe tired?

Slogging away has paid off, kissing a 17 minute mile now instead of a 20.  Delighted in that. Training for a half marathon, and hoping someday for a triathlon.  Kicking up the cross part of training has been a recent focus.

Swimming, running, lifting, yes, weight lifting is now on the agenda.  But don’t freak out.  There are many programs out there that are more about sculpting and defining, as well as strengthening without – let me say this again, WITHOUT BULKING UP.  Didn’t want to bulk, just want to avoid osteoporosis, gain any increase my metabolism possible (which building muscle can do, and make the body be more efficient) and improve my strength.

It was a struggle because all that working out did make me tired, but the persistence has begun to pay off, because my energy level is increasing as well as my patience.  Now, that is a helpful menapausal benefit – patience.  So is feeling great, and knowing that after a long run, yes, you can have that donut.


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