Sam was abruptly woken by the doorbell and knock. She looked at the clock, barely an hour of sleep.  The ringing and knocking increased.  She grabbed her jeans and pulled them on as she stumbled from her bedroom to the door.
She grabbed a jacket from the coat rack behind the door to cover the threadbare favored t-shirt she had slept in and checked through the peephole.  It was Officer Thomas.
“Sam?!?”  she heard him calling through the door.
“Hold on!”
Sam unbolted the door and opened it. Standing face to face with the officer who was probably still in his same uniform from last night, morning stubble a giveaway to his appearance.
“I really need to ask you some questions, do you mind.  You didn’t answer your cell phone. Given last night, I thought it best to check on you.”
“Yes, sure.  I am sorry I was so tired when I got the message it just seemed wise to get some sleep before I returned your call.”
“Did you get any?”  Dylan noticed her bed-head and change of clothes.  He followed her motion in to the apartment.  Again, habit was to check the surroundings and exits.
“I think maybe an hour.  This must be important so go ahead, ask.”
“When you were at the hospital did you notice any other coming and going?  Ambulance or another funeral home pick up? Something that would be normal, but you might not think to mention it?”
“No, there were no ambulances.  There was a work van over by the old entrance when we left, but I don’t know if it was there when I arrived.  There has been so much renovation, I never thought . . .”
“Ok, so it was there when you left.  You remember that but not if it was there when you arrived?”
“Yes, I heard a noise and scanned all around me.  I told you that.  I was thinking someone was in the lot with me.  I didn’t want to get mugged or anything so I turned all the way around checking for movement.”
“You didn’t see anything.”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Humor me, can you go back in your mind and tell me what you did see? It doesn’t have to be out of place or odd, just tell me exactly what you remember seeing, even if it doesn’t seem important”


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