On the ride to the cabin, Margie waved between guilt and anger.  Guilt at keeping their father’s location and health from her only sibling, and anger that Daniel had made choices that put her and their father in this very position.
Dad was resting comfortably and would remain so until another treatment next week.  The therapy could be lifesaving, or in her father’s case ending with his reaction.  The risk for him outweighed the choice of a slow and painful demise.  He will either survive his reactions to the medications and have a potential of several more good years with his family, or it might kill him.  Those were terms he was content with.
Margie herself had trouble from day to day, depending on how well he was tolerating the side effects.  If it weren’t for Wayne she would be a complete wreck.  He had, as in the past, stepped up at the last minute to be her rock.
“Lee- he’s starting to wake up.”
“I will be there in a minute.”  Margie just wanted a few more minutes in the fresh air.  Last night was nerve straining. Getting Daddy from the hospital and out to the cabin, with none the wiser.  Using Harlan’s death as a cover, if only she could have gone to Alma and expressed again her thanks and sorrow for all they had done for Dad.  To let Alma know that regardless what the outcome, she would always be there to help Alma in anyway she could.
Margie went back into the cabin by the lake, her family’s vacation home. Through the hall to the livingroom now set up as a makeshift hospital room.  (Male Nurse Supervisor Name??)  was checking Danny’s vitals and marking them down. Margie thanked him for his help again.  They were so lucky that Harlan had put them in touch with MNS,  his military background proved crucial in pulling all the ‘covert’ abduction of her father’s plan together.
Her father’s plan, what had possessed him to do all this?  He and Harlan had spent too much time together Alma had said.  They were like young men again, pulling a big prank. Only this prank could have dire consequences that no one could foresee; what if Daniel had found another buyer, one who wasn’t his uncle.  So many last minute changes could have come about even in the last twenty four hours.


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