Wayne was on the road to meet Leighann at the cabin. His phone rang and (head of hospital security) came up.  Wayne pulled over at the next side street and returned his call.
“Wayne, I wanted to let you know that I just got off the phone with Paul.  Are you sitting down?”
Wayne’s mind raced at all the possibilities (HofHS) could be calling with; it couldn’t be Dylan, that call would have come from Paul.  Truth was he couldn’t fathom what (HofHS) would be calling to tell him. “ Yes, I am.  What’s up?”
“I am sure that Margie called you and told you Harlan passed away tonight?”
“Yes, she did.  Does this have to do with Margie?”  Wayne was trying to remain calm.  Maybe something had gone wrong with the discharge and transport.
“No, no, Wayne.  Margie is fine.  This has to do with Harlan.  His body left the hospital but never made it to the funeral home.  I mean, T.J. came and got it, took it to the home but it was gone when he got to the home. If T.J. hadn’t said he went back for coffee before leaving, you could say it vanished.   T.J. said he didn’t notice it missing until he started backing up to unload.  I thought you were Harlan’s attorney and would want to know.  Paul will be going by to see Alma, but thought you might like a heads up on this.  Give you some time to prepare before you talk to Alma.”
Wayne’s mind was trying to piece the sequence of events that (HofHS) had laid out.  It just didn’t make sense, at first.  As he thought it through, he interrupted (HofHS).
“Are you saying that someone took the body out of the funeral home vehicle?”
“On the hospital property?”
Wayne almost breathed an audible sigh of relief along with a chuckle.  It wasn’t funny.  Wayne’s thought was some how the transport of his father-in-law to the cabin.


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