Tired by Adele released on 19 in 2008 on the XL label.  Youtube link  shared by Dogvlog @misterboef. Thank you.


Dear Diary,

Well, there I go again, living outside of a calendar.  I keep doing that. I think the odds aren’t in my favor I will ever learn better.

I have tried any number of methods.  Unfortunately, for me the one that works the best is the most unorthodox.  (It probably doesn’t work best but it makes me the happiest.)  Around here we call it playing it by ear.

A running list of things I need to accomplish, paired with a calendar month spread out on one or two pages at most are really the best tools of organization for me.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Why does any of it matter?  How else do we get our dreams to come to life?  We have to make time for those baby steps that will take us from just daydreaming to living.

So what did you do this week towards making your dreams come true?

Me?  Oh, I read, I wrote, and I practiced self editing. Yes, even though I was tired.

That is one good thing about being tired and disorganized – you realize exactly what your true priorities are– because there are things you do because you have to when you are exhausted, and there are things you do because YOU want them done and you are exhausted.  Even the amount of regret and frustration from not getting things done clue me in on where and what my priorities need to be.






2 thoughts on “Tired

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    1. Sometimes I like to think it is a requirement. It makes me feel better about the organized stacks piled about my office. (Whom am I kidding? My whole house is really just a stack of piles strategically placed. 😉


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