Don’t You Just Hate Being Haunted?

Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy from the album Dream Your Life Away released 2015 on Atlantic Label.


Dear Diary,

Yes, haunted.  I am haunted, and not always by dead people.  Most times it is a character in my imagination.  They aren’t real, they are just characters in my stories.  Then occasionally it is a real live person who has moved beyond the circle of a relationship we shared.  We parted, but they haven’t taken their impression made with them.

Souls parted from this earth usually touch my heart with memories and hopes that they know I haven’t forgotten them. It is a bittersweet moment, a feeling of gratitude for our paths having crossed with a little bit of joy for what they brought into my life.

The characters so far have been within the boundary of my imagination.  Usually I am working on a transition between scenes, or figuring out what happened before or next. Their haunting is intentional method, part of work.

Real live people?  Those people can pop up for real, but worse is when not them but their memory pops up.  How do are you supposed to react to someone whose impact is so strong they never quite seem to leave?

You move on without them.  Then something innocent cracks the seam of reality and there they are smack dab in the middle of your thoughts.  Unwanted, unrequested, and very much out-of-place, but there they are again.  Despite letting go, moving on, something reminds you of them.

Hostage to a memory.  No ransom is demanded.  Freedom is on a ‘just visiting’ basis.



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