Tighten Up by the Black Keys off the album Brothers released 2010 on Nonesuch label.


Dear Diary,

Do you know what reality and people have to do with dreams?  They are both limiting.  Quite frankly, I have had my fill of all things limiting.

I do a fine job of limiting myself.  I know very few who have such a fantastic hold on their own lives that they have any business trying to handle anyone else.  Those do have told me in no uncertain terms they won’t take responsibility for telling anyone else how to live their life.  Ask them why, and they say because they know better.

We all have our own experiences to get through. We can help, accept and commiserate as needed. What we can’t do is make anyone live their life, or write their words according to our rules, not really.


I am taking back my power.  Power to make my own decisions.  Power to write as I see fit.  Power to be me.

It isn’t pretty. It isn’t heroic. It isn’t even newsworthy.  It just is.

I write.  I don’t care if you like it or not. I write.  It will either speak to you or won’t. I write. How big will my circle of readers be? I don’t know. I am not worried about it’s size, or financial impact. One is good, what I have right now? That is fantastic!  I am happy, not because of the number of followers, profit, or recognition. I am happy because I am doing what I love.

This is it. Writing. I am happy.

How I do that, is my way. Whether it is judged by anyone else as the best way, or could be improved, doesn’t matter. This is me. This is how I write. This is what I write.

The process of getting here has been interesting.  I think there has been growth. Definitely there has been confidence budding deep within.  That is what I needed.

The catch is – no one could give me, grow me, or create within me that confidence.  We all have to find our own.  We all have to build it up.  How we do that is as unique as each of us.

No advice. Just encouragement. Live your life as you see fit. Be a good you. Be the best you ever. Start today.





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