Paul met Fred in the hospital security.
“Paul, I’ll walk you down, we can talk on the way,”  they left taking the elevator down to the the basement.
“Fred, tell me,” after the elevator doors closed.
“I pulled the tapes from the corridor to the morgue.   We had only initially pulled exits.  I thought better and pulled all cameras.  You probably won’t need them, but, well, you got ’em.”
“Thank you.”
The ‘team’ was really a part timer and the deputy that stood guard duty at the courthouse Monday through Friday except for holidays. The part timer was the town photographer.  They had taken pictures, dusted the foo and waited on the coroner to arrive. Once there the coroner looked the room over, nothing was out of place and checked the body to verify it was indeed Harlan’s body.
Paul and Fred passed him in the hall.
“Looks like they just broke in to the leave the body.”
“Did you check?”
“Yes, and it’s Harlan.”
“It’s Harlan, what more? . . . OH! No, there was nothing done to the body.  If you ask me, they thought they were taking another body, realized it wasn’t the person they came for and ditched what they took.”
Fred nodded his head, “They though they were taking Danny. My money’s on it.”
“Danny died?”
“No, Paul, but he was here last night. Left shortly after T.J. and Sam left.  Hospice.”
“You don’t say.”


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