The knock at the door startled Margie.  She jumped, in her seat looking to her Dad on her left and over to the couch where Leo was napping. It couldn’t be Wayne, he wouldn’t knock.   The knock came again.
Margie couldn’t remember hearing a vehicle, but the rain was coming down so hard, she may not have heard it.  She rose and went to the window over the sink to check the drive; no car.  The knock came again closer to the door she could hear voices.
“There may not be anyone there.”
“No? Well, there is a vehicle in that shed over there, see? There is somebody here.”
The first voice sounded like a woman’s, but the second was deeper, a man’s.  It sounded familiar.  The knocking became louder, stirring Leo and her Dad behind her.
“Who is that Margie?’, her dad’s raspy voice filtered by the rain barely reached her, but was apparently loud enough for those on the other side of the door to hear.
“Open up!  Let us in, our vehicle is in the lake.”
Margie moved to open the door, Leo now standing behind her, prepared to take down whoever came through the door.  The lock clicked.  The door didn’t budge. So, whoever it was, wasn’t cautious or not here to harm them.  Margie slowly pulled the door a crack open, just to peek. Then threw it open wide.
T. J. and Sam stood feet up to the threshold soaking wet.  Margie grabbed each by an arm and pulled them across.  She pushed them into the room.  Leo stood between the three and the room.
“Leo, get out of the way, they are cold and wet! We have to find them some dry clothes.  T.J. go sit by the heater, I will bring you a towel, you in the bathroom and take a hot shower.”  Margie pushed across the room to the bathroom under the stairs, grabbed towels from a shelf and turned on the hot water.  She shut the door on the way out with a quip, ” I will be back with some dry clothes.
Leo after fighting agains the crowd of three shut and locked the door.  He took the towels from Margie, taking them to T.J.  “Your car is in the lake?  Are you ok?”
“No, I am not ok.  I just landed in a ditch.”
“I can see that, are you hurt anywhere?”
“Man, I am hurt all over. If you are asking me do I need medical attention; no, I do not.”
“T.J. let me at least check you out.”
“T. J. you know that your wife will have my hide.”
“Fine, then you check out Sam too.  I landed in a ditch of muddy water and some thorny bush.  So a few scrapes and scratches are all you are going to find. ”  T.J.’s voice lowered.  “Sam landed on the other side.  She may have blacked out, she didn’t answer my calls right away.”


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