Evolution of Self Image

This Friday’s background playing theme song was One Day One Step by Etta James. Listen to my background play list at J.Kolb’s Blog Playlist 

Dear Diary,

What is harder than writing? Growing up, of course! Maturity is fluid.

Right now, mine is waxing and waning according to hormone levels. This sucks.

My mind is crammed full of unnecessary information, leaving not nearly enough room for writing.

What is it that makes us actualize ourselves? Ever wonder how you came to be you? Deep questions.

Questions a writer might ask about during the development of a character.  Distinguishing an imaginary person from a real one maybe a thin line within my mind, is that a sanity issue? Moments of doubt can make me wonder me whether or not I am writer, as well as sane.

Learning it is ok to be awkward when you start something new is a really good lesson to learn.  No, it is not too late for an adult to learn that lesson either.



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