Dripping wet from the rain, staring at the closed door, Sam heard muffled words on from the other side of the door.  The scent of perfume held her in a trance.
It was a familiar scent.  having been close to it before.  ‘Maybe I did hit my head hard.’
Sam came out of the trance when someone knocked on the door.
“You ok in there,Sam?”, T.J. was again showing fatherly concern.
Sam ran through her memory of being around Margie while waiting for the hot water to flow in the shower and undressed.  She heard a quick knock,  the door open while in the shower, and Margie tell her some dry clothes were on top of the closed toilette seat.
Margie was in the kitchen making breakfast  when Sam came out of the bathroom.  Stepping into the kitchen to help and be near the scent which was brought memories of Sam’s grandmother. The comforting scent she had known all her life associated with love.
Sam’s grandmother wore the scent and only that perfume since Sam arrived. Upon Sam’s arrival as a baby she had been inconsolable, colicky baby.  Or so everyone but her grandmother thought.  She knew Sam’s mom had always worn __________ perfume.  On instinct, her grandmother bough some of it and wore it when she went to give Sam’s adopted mother a break.  Sam settled dow.  Her grandmother put a few drops in the corners of Sam’s crib.  Sam had the first sound sleep in the weeks she had come to her adopted family.


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    1. Well, duh. Seriously, I haven’t done anything to this since it was first written almost two years ago. I start editing and rewriting on this series this month. The idea is that I will post the rewrite as I did the original. Leaving the original available for review and comment, as well as the first rewrite. Sharing the process with the readers. 😉
      I have more time slated in 2016 for reading than I have recently. Working on the process.


      1. Well, maybe, maybe not.
        I thank you very much for the complement. (It had been a long, very long day when I replied. Probably should have wait until this morning.)


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