My Adulting Resignation

To Whom It May Concern,

I humbly submit my resignation as an adult.  This position has proven too taxing and wearing on my last nerve.  My ability to adult has gone out the window.

I quit.  No, I am not giving two weeks notice. I am gone, and no exiting compensation package is expected or wanted.




Blow Me One Last Kiss,  by Pink from the album Truth About Love released 2012, on RCA label.  Hear on my blog playlist Blog Playlist

Dear Diary,

Sitting here watching Gone With The Wind, watching with an older perspective, I see the story differently.  This morning on the phone to one of my BFFs, we discussed our maturity and growth.

We both had different expectations for this period of our lives.  Now, don’t go assuming we are disgruntled. We aren’t, at least I am pretty sure neither of us are. It is just, different, than the idea we had in mind for ourselves.

Parts of it we both agree, we love. Some parts, not so much. What surprised me, as I related it to her, is that I am being so . . . adult. Maturity, becomes me? WHO THE #%&& KNEW? I am amused. Truly, I am beside myself with laughter.

When did I become a grown up?  A question that I wasn’t alone in asking.  My friend and I chatted on my cell while I shopped up and down the aisles at the grocery store.

Goodbye, my youth. Hello, mature adulthood? No, not quite yet. I am not ready yet.



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