THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT. Keep that in mind, please.
( Set up incomplete- This is while Sam is showering and changing. Exchange in the kitchen between Leo * i have to change that name, TJ, and Margie)
”So we have no vehicle to transport?” Leo’s deep voice was low and as soft as he could make it as he pulled the chair out from the table indicating that T.J. should sit. He pulled the blood pressure cuff across the table and stood waiting for T.J. to take off his jacket.
“Really? We have to do this?”
“Look, you took a fall right? You look like hell. Yeah, I am doing this.”
“Fine. No, we have no vehicle to get him to the treatment center. It’s in the lake now.”
“Thank goodness you are both ok!”, Margie turned from the counter with unbroken eggs in either hand.
“We didn’t have any brakes. I felt them going out the last couple of hills. I tried to slow down. I couldn’t turn into any side road or drive. We had too much speed. I am just thankful Sam jumped when I told her.”
Margie broke the egg in her left hand. Turning quickly to save the yolk and pick the shell out of the batter she was mixing up.
“Margie, you ok?”
“FINE!” hissing and cursing under her breath. Her mind was racing of all the what if’s that could have happened. Not least of all, now the concern of getting her father to his next treatment.
“Margie, can you call Wayne? Tell him to hold up. I have a connection with a shuttle service. They run blood, meds, that kind of thing between facilities. Might be able to come up with a van that can hold a gurney. Let me check TJ out and then I will call.”
“I can call him, I am not doing anything but letting you poke and prod.”
“No, she can step outside, you need to sit right here.”
“Sure, I will be right back”, grabbing her phone off the counter, Margie stepped out onto the back porch. The awning that ran along the back not only gave her shelter from the rain pouring down, but a place to pace as she put the call into Wayne. Her hope was he had’t left the county to come this way. How much time did they have before her brother found their dad, she didn’t know.


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