Alma and son leave room.

Leo asks if the remaining son wants to remain or wait outside. “I just wanted to check with TJ about making arrangements, should I call or do we need to set an appointment?” he asked turning to TJ.

“Mr. ____, Why don’t you just call the office in the morning between 10 and noon. Your brother, mom and you can come in tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know what all is on the books for tomorrow, but that should give Miss B time to set things in order.”

“Alright, will do. Thank you Leo, we really appreciate all you did for Dad. TJ, Miss Sam, I will leave you to your business. Thank you all.” A chocking man with a lost look left the room.

“Looks like you have Mr. Harlan ready for us.”

“TJ, they were in the cafeteria eating dinner when he passed. His doctor was covering ER and being a slow night over there, he came up and pronounced him. He went down to the cafeteria to talk to the family and we were able to bath and prepare him for both you and them.”

“Well, that was a blessing. Some don’t see it as that though. “

“No, they don’t” Sam said flatly She wasn’t there when her father passed. But by the the time she arrived at the hospital her mother, was still in the ER and unfortunately conscious. On one hand Sam was able to tell her she loved her, and goodbye, but on the other, she also saw her mother’s last struggling breath, which haunted for a long time. If she could have breathed for her mother she would have. There was a frustration that couldn’t be resolved other than making in up her own mind to let it go.

Leo proceeds to assist the two move the body to the gurney and strip the bed of the linens. Sam’s first time had left her with mixed feelings. Some left over from the night she lost both her parents. Now after working a year, she was less disturbed about the whole process of death and burial. She still stayed away from the mortuary room (?), not having any inclination to work there. It wasn’t only the lack of education and certification, but because tit was when she first came to work with TJ was so close to her parents death. The loos was too soon and the grief was still to fresh and great. At the time she thought the trooper that suggested this job to her was crazy. Or mean. Or both.

Not knowing where else to start, her only tie to the area and her parents was the funeral card from the business suggested to her. Something the trooper hadn’t known at the time.


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