What’s the Plan?

Dear Diary,

Today begins the editing and rewriting of Sinister. Well, it is the plan. As I go, along this year – taking the story from that rough mess I posted previously to the next stage.

Yes, crazy as it may seem this is going to be free, in public (on the web); exposing my writing process from start to finish. The first draft came in spurts when I maintained the habit of requiring myself to write a minimum of 350 words per day (four days a week). I set a low goal, something easy to do.

Now this year, I am taking each posted segment editing and rewriting them. I am aware that there are holes that need to be filled and sections that need to be cut. hat is what you will be seeing on here. The alterations to the rough into an edited version. New additions, loss of some, and any number of changes to the original draft.

Why? Because someday I hope to be a good writer. I have often thought it would be cool if a good writer had done that along their way; expose their process. I would love to have that opportunity to read something like that. So, since I haven’t found it, I am doing it. I am working towards being a good writer but doesn’t mean that is where I will end up. Even if I don’t end up a good writer maybe it can be a lesson in what not to do?

I can live with being a cautionary tale as well.



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