Dear Diary,
I realize that my original goal, the one from my earliest writerly aspirations is still becoming a better writer. I wanted that then, for my own enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. I still want that now for myself, and my readers, the lovely people who read my little tales and enjoy them. I want better for us both.
Acknowledging it as my work, validates the writing. All the effort and study to improve, that has been thorny, near impossible bramble of mess to work through. The only person that needed to learn to value the struggle was, me.

Writing has a place in my day, requiring time, dedication and practice. It isn’t fair if I am the only one having fun, everyone should find their joy and delve into it according to what works for them. (That last bit is the key, we all have different priorities and levels of contentment and happiness based on choices we make. I am finding mine, you should find yours.)
Currently reading Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer. Reading with pen and highlighter in hand, making notes along the way. My list of books I want to read is growing exponentially.
One of the best ways to learn to write better? Read better writers than yourself. Thankfully, there are quite a few out there, so while this is going to be a long path to traverse, it is going to be fun.



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    1. Thank you Duncan! So sweet of you to say so. Learning how to use my natural style to the best advantage is helpful. When there is a scene or situation that I am having trouble with, it helps to see how others have successfully written those scenes; even those that don’t do it well can be a resource of learning.


    2. Thank you, Duncan! So sweet of your to say that. Learning how to others have written scenes and characters is helpful to learn about pacing, rhythm, tone, and even sequence. What works and what doesn’t and why helps me use my natural voice to the best advantage.


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