Am I Connected?

Dear Diary,

So, to make a long tirade short, we “ordered” service from a provider in the eastern time zone. First up, we received two shipments of different equipment that arrived on the same day. Now to begin with one was wifi and one wasn’t, but that wasn’t easily discernible. However when it came time to do the self install, a fee for which we were charged for the privilege of doing so, neither units had the serial numbers listed on them that matched the website (which I was able to access due to our hotspots). It was ended with a frustrating dreaded tech call. The tech, and I use that term loosely, didn’t explain why we had two boxes or give us any relief at the inability to match up serial numbers, the tech demanded a lot of instruction be followed. I don’t like people who won’t answer questions. I don’t trust them.

After giving the person the required information, still with no answers to our questions we attempted connect. The first connection location didn’t work, and we were told to try another hookup location in another room, which we did, same result. We were then told to try one of the remaining two ‘drops’ our of four in our one bedroom apartment. Four? We had four access points. REALLY? WHERE? Tell me. Tech couldn’t, because they don’t exist. There are only two. But since WE TOLD the tech there were four, there were four. Really? When, when did we say that? NEVER. You don’t answer questions and you make stuff up? We were furious. I know that techies are supposed to be nerdy and odd, but I have never met one until that day that was delusional and rude. Apparently techs come in all kinds.

So, we are back to the reliable, yes, I am using that word, reliable hotspots. No thank you, big corporations who have lost touch with customer service. People don’t talk to each other anymore. That is such a shame.

Ah, I feel better. Much better.



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  1. Hey Julie,

    Are you using Clear? A friend had to call back a few times to get hers set up, eventually wound up putting it outside under an eave on a bracket. She used it for about a year, then they discontinued service to her area!

    Hope you find something that works.



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