Dear Diary,

In case you hadn’t noticed, my planned posting of the Sinister edit is going slowly. I would love to blame going back to college full time, but that isn’t it. It is the writing that has me stumbling. Questions such as whether or not this or that sentence is necessary. If so should it go here, or somewhere else? How much detail is just enough?

If you are reading along, you know that we are stuck at leaving the hospital. Trying to decide how much and what information to write about TJ and Sam, I missed my own self imposed pub date. How best to tell what happens next. What will propel and make the story intriguing?

Hmm, this is the fine tuning of story telling that one has to explore during the process of going from rough draft to a polished story. Granted, this isn’t polished by a long shot, but it is getting there. Maybe trying a variety of options, and yes, writing some more rough drafts.

Writing is fun. Writing IS fun. Writing is FUN. WRITING IS FUN!
(If I tell myself that enough, it will sink in, right?)



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    1. Well, at least I have become comfortable with writing crap. Now if I can just not give a damn about what other people think of my writing and just write – I think I will be much happier.


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