Good Enough


Oops, I did it again. I played with my mind, got lost in the excitement. I over-scheduled! I didn’t plan or think things through. I am overwhelmed. ARGH!

I decided in my brief respite home, that oh, sure I can do this and that and the other thing. Oh! And yes, I can rearrange the house and function of not one, not two, but THREE rooms all at the same time. Sure, I am (imagine a cued audio of the theme song from the TV series “WonderWoman”) the spitting image of Lynda Carter, not.

I don’t have an invisible plane, and my body surely does NOT fit in that one piece outfit that always caused me concern as a girl that her boobies would fall out. Only a man would think that we could save the world and maintain both mammaries inside essentially a strapless swimsuit. Am I right?

I am being a horse again, and not the tail end of one either. I am doggedly trying to push through; achieve, succeed, do all those things that everyone tells you should be done and mastered in order to become the person you want to be. I am not there, yet.

Take today for instance, there is more on my list but not enough time to do them all. Now I have to prioritize. I hate prioritizing. Making judgements on what can be pushed off, requires a shift in perspective, mostly my own, about my self and what I can realistically do.

I can only do what I can do. And that is good enough. Something I have to learn to accept.

It is Good Enough
◆ To do things in bits and pieces
◆ To ask for help
◆ Evaluate the list periodically and take off those items that no longer hold importance
◆ Accept Change (Change in: Perspective, Goals, Priorities, Me)

It is what it is.
Just me,



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  1. Hey Julie,

    I think it is also worth noting that when you hold yourself in a “not good enough” space your ability to progress gets crippled a bit. Put another way…if I say “I should get punctuation right – I should get punctuation right!” I would probably never write anything. I cripple up in certain ways and sometimes I just imagine these spots as speed bumps that keep me going slow in the right places…until I’m ready for faster operations in certain spots.

    And then I suspect you aren’t just “good enough”…you’re spectacular in ways you don’t really understand (imagine a butterfly watching you swing a hammer) and therefore you don’t add to your tally of Amazing Julie stuff unless it is stuff Julie finds amazing…which by it’s nature is usually stuff outside ourselves. The butterfly can’t swing a hammer, but thinks it’s no big deal to float gracefully about the garden when we think the butterfly is a wonderful study in lightness and being.



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