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Possible Topics –

Grocery shopping
Assigned Reading
Reading For Fun
Mowing the lawn
A Bath

Somewhere along the way to finding a topic for this Friday’s out it evolved from brainstorming through a to do list and ended up starting to be a grocery list.

Some days are just like that.

Just me.






Not my favorite word. However it is the current one that describes how I want to be read, if ever I am.

A long while back I read the Bible, the Catholic one, with the extra books, all the way through. It took me a couple of years, because I couldn’t read it every day. I read it, in what I call bits and pieces. Sometimes only a verse, others a chapter; I read it as I was able to comprehend it, which gave it meaning to me.

As in, if my life was too busy and too much on my mind, I might not read for days or weeks. Life was too big, too noisy, for anything to settle in. The kids were sick, bills due, working overtime, my mind was overloaded, as well as my body and soul. What I read wasn’t something I could retain for long, much less understand and consider. Taking those times out from reading, and returning when I could contemplate what I read meant more to me.

Ego-wise, I want to be read like that, so that what I write is enjoyed, understood, and helps –whether it is humorous, deep, silly or serious. I don’t want to be popular, or famous. Friendly, helpful, comforting and sage are preferences of my fantasy success.

Sage, that made me laugh. I meant entertaining. Yeah, that, too.

Just me.


The answer is No.


The answer is NO. I don’t care what you ask me, when you ask it, unless the deadline is in a far from today far far in the future, the answer is a definite, “NO.” Not just “no,” not even a “No.” It is “NO. “ Not quite yet a, “NO!”, but it is getting there.

Seriously, respecting yourself, to my chagrin includes respecting your time, and your natural healthy life-pace. That is something some people seem to just normally be born with, or were raised to respect. I don’t know how they do it, but I wish I did. I have had to learn. And relearn.

Bottomline is that during some people’s lifetime they go through events; circumstances; moments; ok, years –that just seem to put normal life in a blender and mix it all up. Coming out of that blob of a mess is just as difficult momentarily as the moment the whirling starts and finding all hell has broken loose. Or even that moment when the whirling stops, but the dizziness is still full throttle and you can’t tell up from down.

Well, ok, not quite that bad, but I am reminded of it. With feet on solid, or more solid ground than yesterday, or last week, or year; finding the gumption to say no, is surprisingly easier. Especially when you know you are at a crossroads and are figuring out which way to go.

Sure there will always be those trying to rush you ahead, or slow you down. The right answer is, at least in my opinion, in your heart, your gut, you intuition. You know. You know? So, I am following that. Past experience has proven mine to be spot on.

So, my answer was, and still is No. And I am proud of that.

Just me,




Here is one of my responses for a college class. The question presented was asking why I thought we had wars. My response–

My explanation as to why we have wars, initially, would be a list of emotional responses related to fear and anger. War, by my definition, is a response of inability to mediate between two sides. A pompous perspective on my part that maturity and wisdom has failed, homo sapiens inability to resolve differences is the culprit of war, in a nutshell.

Tuesday evening on “The Pioneers” episode of Finding Your Roots airing with Gloria Steinem, she paused and made this statement—

“To go into battle, to free people, is certainly honorable and necessary,
but I am not sure that the ends justify those means. What I am about
to say is maybe, not rational –You know how people now say the greatest
generation, about people who were in World War II? I think the greatest generation
will be the one that doesn’t go to war.”

Gave me something else to consider. Going to the opposite end of injustices such as genocide by one race/religion/or other identifier can just as easily be brought about by man’s attempt at utopian construction, by example from literary forms such as Orwell’s 1984, or in life by Hitler’s persecution of Jews, and Jim Jones’ Guyanese society.

Trying to contemplate an evolved state where our inability to exist without infringement upon one another is a part of our history that no longer exists is difficult to imagine. But like Steinem, I too, hope that someday we can find an ability to mediate between two sides, rather than resort to a genetic survival mode of fight or flight. A time when our ability to self actualization has found a universal way to express, believe and live without attack or degradation of one another ending the need to defend one another to death.

Sited Reference–
Finding Your Roots; PBS Television website; The Pioneers Episode video; Link:

So, there, I shared. This is how my collegiate response voice says what my normal voice would say: we humans, for all our superiority and intelligence, we be stupid sometimes.

Just me.

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