Not my favorite word. However it is the current one that describes how I want to be read, if ever I am.

A long while back I read the Bible, the Catholic one, with the extra books, all the way through. It took me a couple of years, because I couldn’t read it every day. I read it, in what I call bits and pieces. Sometimes only a verse, others a chapter; I read it as I was able to comprehend it, which gave it meaning to me.

As in, if my life was too busy and too much on my mind, I might not read for days or weeks. Life was too big, too noisy, for anything to settle in. The kids were sick, bills due, working overtime, my mind was overloaded, as well as my body and soul. What I read wasn’t something I could retain for long, much less understand and consider. Taking those times out from reading, and returning when I could contemplate what I read meant more to me.

Ego-wise, I want to be read like that, so that what I write is enjoyed, understood, and helps –whether it is humorous, deep, silly or serious. I don’t want to be popular, or famous. Friendly, helpful, comforting and sage are preferences of my fantasy success.

Sage, that made me laugh. I meant entertaining. Yeah, that, too.

Just me.



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