The End Is Near!


Let’s hope so. My desire to quit almost kept me from finishing out the course work for this semester. Fortunately, my love reminded me that my normal disposition is one of learning. I seek information on everything, even checking my own knowledge against recent discoveries to stay up-to-date on innovations. I am curious by nature, so not learning isn’t an option on my horizon.

Throughout my desperate attempt to build up some confidence as a writer, storyteller, whatever, I clung to this thought that I was not intelligent enough to know what I was doing. Well, confidence building from college has been a help. I have about two years left of full time college to get a bachelors, but the real question is–Do I have time for it? I am too busy working with college to do what I want to do, or vice versa.

Right this vary minute half my desk is covered in college coursework to finish up while eating half a sandwich, drinking a red colored kid “juice” from a near empty bottle before I have to get ready for a class in about eight minutes. I am toast!

This semester has seen the list of stuff that someone else wants me to do powering out over my own work and career. A decision I will see through, but I cannot wait for the end of the semester and getting back to my real life.

Just me.



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