Best Date Night Ever

Last year I officially asked my husband to be my boyfriend after nearly thirty years of marriage. Thankfully, he said yes. Whew!

So we went on an official date. The Carson Center in Paducah, Ky has this summer thing called, “Fridays @ 5”. (It starts May 20th this year running through until June 24th and then September 2 – October 7th). It’s free, which was good because I needed a cheap date to sweep him off his feet.

The night we went last year was memorable.  A formerly young scrawny kid, Denny Rudolph, and the trio Amber’s Drive he is now a part of were performing.  I scored a T-shirt and a CD and enjoyed the view of the Ohio River from the Carson’s rooftop venue. They played my, so far all time favorite of theirs, (though various tunes catch my ear from time to time) Take A Picture of It. They have quite a bit more and the story behind their formation is memorable, but they can tell it better than me. They are based out of Nashville, TN.

Then to round the night out complete, we called in a to-go-order on the way home at Wildfires, just a half an hour up Interstate 24 in Vienna, IL. Morgan graciously took our last minute order of the night before they closed and had it ready when we arrived. My husband loves the steaks there.

I think the evening went well.  We are still dating after all, and looking forward to another date night this summer.  I know we really should get out more often.

If this feels like a sales story, in a way it is.  It is as much about making time for each other, and renewing your relationship as it is about the places and things to do.  Life keeps us busy, spending time with the ones you love is important. Don’t sell yourself, or your relationship short, no matter how long you have been together, you still need to flirt.


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