My Eclectic Plan

When we first set out to self publish the children’s story Snowball, my husband knew and approved my plan. Neither of us foresaw me taking a diversion into college. The first six months after publication, I did.

Even for me, it is hard to articulate all the reasons why it was the right way to go about the next step– it just was. It was always the plan to write several books before running ads and making an attempt to market. My desire to produce better books as well as improve my storytelling ability has motivated me to hit the pause button.

One thing about returning to college has rebuilt is my confidence, that along with a few pearls of wisdom I wasn’t truly aware of having a grasp of within me.

Pearls Of Wisdom

One is the ability to step outside myself and see the bigger picture. Try to see other’s point of view and not lose sight of my own. A much more positive version of the popular term “Two Faced.” Reasonable, fair people have this compassionate ability to understand others.

Two is you don’t have to know everything, but it helps to know how to find what you need and not be afraid to ask those who do in a particular field for advice. It really is about being able to fill in your own blanks by being able network and source what you need. I had forgotten I know how to do that.

Three, and its a big one –Know who you are, what you believe and why. Even if the answer to why is as simple as, it makes me happy.

There they are, that should explain to you why I am going about being a writer my way. This definitely is a “don’t do as I do” way to be a writer.

I get delighted when one book sells. It makes my week. When I say I don’t care if I become a “writer” or “successful” by society’s standards, or industry terms, I mean it. That is just not my thing.



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