Attempting to Win a Freebie

Yes, I am, that is the whole point of this post.

I read Kristen Lamb’s blog fairly frequently because, well, she makes sense and helps me bring new eyes to my writing.

So the latest blog has as always a bonus factor – this time it is to win a spot (for freebies) in an upcoming class which my sad little writer ego thinks I really need.

Botched Beginnings is the blog post and it is all about how NOT to start a story, or conversely exactly how to start one the reader can’t put down.  Now, this attempt to win isn’t just limited to me; you, too, can comment, link and try and win the reasonably priced $25 spot.  Or, you could just suck up the expense go ahead and pay for it and let ‘er rip.

Best of luck to us all.


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