Late March Madness (aka Thank you Crew of United Flight 4237 3/19/2016)

In January, without thinking ahead, a flight was booked. That flight? Smack in the middle of March Madness –right at the time of the Kentucky vs Indiana game! There was no way, absolutely no way, of knowing this when the flight was booked.

Unfortunately, there at the other end was a connecting flight and a reason why travel couldn’t be changed. Wifi was unavailable for purchase during the flight. I had accepted this was just going to be a rough day to travel, regardless of the beautiful the weather.

In hopes that there was a kind, understanding pilot at the helm, I asked the flight attendant, Rachel, if she would relay my request to the pilot for any update that could be obtained during the flight. She did, the pilot did, and well, they performed above and beyond.

Rachel made sure I got the messages back at the back of the plane. Unfortunately, the game didn’t end with a good result. Kentucky lost 67 to Indiana’s 73. We landed making it to the gate in time for me to watch, after leaving airplane mode, the last minute texts updates of the game play across the screen of my phone. (Thanks to UK Athletics for their text alerts)

I had fully planned to review the flight and send that crew high praise for their beyond the job efforts to make one traveler comfortable during the flight –especially a born and raised Kentucky girl who bleeds blue. I failed! There was a rough week, which turned in to a month which turned into two months awaiting me at my final destination. My time was consumed and that review and praise got pushed further down the list of things I wanted to do.

(Thank those sticky notes people, because as each week went by, that note reminding me to review that flight favorably kept moving along as well. Sorry it took me so long to praise the crew from flight 4237 March 19th, 2016. Y’all were awesome! (Wish my guesses had proved to be as sound as your customer service! Thanks to NCAA for the bracket. )

UK Game NCAA 2016


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